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15 words we use for periods that are funny any time of the month

Shark Week. Aunt Flo. Period. All of these words are euphemisms for one thing: menstruation. So why can’t we just use the word menstruation instead of all of this period slang? Well, there’s probably a lot of reasons we’re always looking for other words for period, ranging from everything from social pressures to the idea...CONTINUE READING

The Thunder Road race scene from ‘Grease’ loses a lot of its thunder with bad foley

The classic Thunder Road race scene from Grease shows us that racing for pinks is risky business. But rerecording the sound effects with shitty mouth noises shows us not only how sound is an important aspect in visual storytelling, but also how easily it can ruin everything. Read more…More about Mashable Video, John Travolta, Grease,...CONTINUE READING

The ‘f*ck your zodiac sign’ meme wants to know who you really are as a person

If there’s anything keeping us going in the hellhole that is 2018, it’s astrology.  Analyzing birth charts to bonding over rising signs has become something of a conversation starter. For some, it’s just a guilty pleasure. For others, astrology is their guide to life.  SEE ALSO: All the best queer memes inspired by Nintendo But...CONTINUE READING

Porn company offers to turn customers into adult film stars using deepfakes

When deepfakes burst onto the scene last year, it didn’t take long for the new image-manipulation technology to go from harmless online fun to troubling tool for online harassment. However, one company is looking to shift the conversation back, strangely enough, with porn. One of the first uses of deepfakes was the swapping the faces...CONTINUE READING

Why Trump’s EPA wants to kill the nation’s most ambitious climate change plan

After President Donald Trump called coal “indestructible” last week while also expressing concern for the number of birds killed by wind turbines, it was all the more evident that the Clean Power Plan — the Obama-era strategy intended to dramatically slash America’s reliance on coal-generated electricity — was in hot water.  Tuesday morning, U.S. Environmental...CONTINUE READING

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau shares his favorite Jaime moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7

The end is nigh for Game of Thrones, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a.k.a. Jaime Lannister, reminisced about some of his favorite moments from the series, specifically a couple scenes from Season 7. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Coster-Waldau said that two Season 7 scenes in particular stood out to him — both in his own...CONTINUE READING

Why Peter Kavinsky is a new kind of rom-com dreamboat

The romantic comedy lead is a type of role that has changed a lot over the years.  The “bad boy” had his day in rom-coms, dangling a cigarette from between his lips and daring the lady lead to see part his hard exterior. The “overworked businessman” also had a moment. He was all about his...CONTINUE READING

Russian hackers target Republican think tanks critical of Moscow, Microsoft says

Russia’s intelligence agency is ramping up its hacking attempts on U.S. political targets as the Midterm elections get nearer. The hackers’ latest target: conservative think tanks which have broken from President Donald Trump and are seeking continued sanctions against Moscow. In a report posted on Microsoft’s website by company president Brad Smith, Microsoft announced they...CONTINUE READING
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