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A ‘clairvoyant’ cat has predicted who will win the World Cup opening match

Psychic animals predicting the results of big events is pretty much a time-honoured tradition.
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We’ve previously had a Scottish goat divining the US election result (it got it wrong), and — many years ago — we had an octopus called Paul who used to predict the winners of World Cup matches (he sadly passed away back in 2010).
Well, now it’s Achilles the cat’s turn.

Achilles the cat, who lives in the Hermitage in St Petersburg, is going to be the official oracle for the World Cup in Russia and predict the outcome of matches. He looks thrilledhttps://t.co/zzw7mBxfXH pic.twitter.com/vkTmyrbMSW
— max seddon (@maxseddon) March 12, 2018 Read more…
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