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Gmail goes down for some users, prompts social media freakout

Gmail experienced an outage for several hours during the U.S. workday Wednesday, and social media predictably freaked out. Users in the UK and U.S. appeared most affected during the period, with work-based Gmail proving an issue for some office-based workers. SEE ALSO: Widespread Google glitch paralyzes third-party services Google first said it was investigating reports...CONTINUE READING
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<div>Care.com introduces 'peer-to-peer benefits' for its gig economy workers</div>

Care.com’s workers look like some of the least likely to have benefits. The online caregiving marketplace’s users fall into two groups — domestic workers and contractors in the gig economy — that are traditionally shut out from benefits programs.  But the company on Wednesday announced it would create a “peer-to-peer benefits platform” to fund the limited...CONTINUE READING

Woman sues her parents for posting childhood pictures on Facebook

Posting embarrassing photos of others on Facebook without consent is definitely tricky territory. But what measures do we take when the photos in question are of children, shared by their parents? An 18-year-old from Carinthia, Austria, is suing her parents for the past seven years of posting embarrassing and revealing photos of her on Facebook...CONTINUE READING

<div>Today in You Are Old: Shaq's son vs. Ron Artest's son in high school hoops</div>

This year’s Basketball Hall of Fame class — featuring Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming and Allen Iverson — made us feel ancient last Friday night.  But guess what? Turns out we’re super ancient! Like, dusty-ass-old-book-on-a-mahogany-shelf ancient.  SEE ALSO: Here’s video of Shaq getting dunked on by his teenage son Shareef O’Neal, son of Shaquille, recently played...CONTINUE READING

<div>Indulge your love for 'Poldark' with this epic coloring book</div>

LONDON — Farewell Downton Abbey, hello Poldark.  There isn’t much that can appease us now that we’re mourning the loss of our much beloved Sunday night period drama — except for Poldark, that is.  SEE ALSO: Shirtless Poldark is back to quench Twitter‘s thirst In the BBC One series set in the 18th century there’s...CONTINUE READING
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