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Uber paints a techie world for truckers — as it expands its trucking business

Uber isn’t just about picking people up for a night out or helping with commutes to work. SEE ALSO: A lawsuit filed in NYC claims Uber is in violation of human rights laws The ride-hailing giant is also a trucking business. The same technology (a smartphone and algorithms) that help connect commuters with drivers also...CONTINUE READING

Robert Hardy, Cornelius Fudge in ‘Harry Potter’ films, dies at 91

British actor Robert Hardy, best known for playing Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter movies and Siegfried Farnon in the All Creatures Great and Small TV series, has died. He was 91. SEE ALSO: How ‘Harry Potter’ helped me understand British politics Hardy’s family announced his passing in a statement today, writing, “Gruff, elegant, twinkly,...CONTINUE READING

Kid makes adorable case for why he should be NASA’s planetary protection officer

There’s one kid who wants to be NASA’s planetary protection officer more than anyone in the world. He’s a fourth grader named Jack Davis who believes he’s up to the task of protecting our planet. And he wrote NASA a letter to prove it. (No, the job doesn’t really involve defending the Earth from evil...CONTINUE READING

Woman claims she found something strange in her kangaroo meat

Yes, Australians eat kangaroos — despite it being on their coat of arms and much loved by all.  That includes 39-year-old Brisbane woman ‎Kath Milroy Pattingale‎, who was about to have dinner with her husband on Thursday when she apparently noticed a bullet lodged in their meal. SEE ALSO: 15 pounds of ham crashed onto...CONTINUE READING

These towels are basically boob hammocks for all your underboob sweat needs

The sweltering summer sweat-fest is upon us. And, for many people among us, that means one thing: underboob sweat. Nice.  But, someone’s invented a towel specifically for your underboob sweat and it’s essentially a boob hammock.  SEE ALSO: China’s ‘underboob pen challenge’ is the viral meme that won’t let go Erin Robertson invented Ta-Ta Towels...CONTINUE READING
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