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Hurricane Harvey may have destroyed 1 million cars—and changed the U.S. used auto market

The flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey may have destroyed 1 million cars—and in doing so, totally changed the U.S. used auto market. As the city works to assess the damage of historic rainfall and unprecedented flooding, analysts are starting to issue estimates on how many cars will be unrecoverable. It’s bad.  Analysts from Evercore ISI...CONTINUE READING

It took a lot of work to launch humanity’s greatest message into space

“What I’ve found is if you look backward too often, that becomes your excuse, your evidence that you care,” said astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, when asked about the importance of this month’s 40th anniversary of the Voyager missions during a conversation at his office the Hayden Planetarium at American Museum of Natural History.  “But then,...CONTINUE READING

Mike Pence’s 2020 run got off to a great start in Texas

On Thursday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to comfort victims and get an update on recovery efforts—and walked away looking like a guy who did everything right, where his boss Donald Trump did everything wrong. Trump’s trip to Texas was full of head-scratching bombast and, well,...CONTINUE READING

Suspect gives deputy a ‘Get out of jail free’ Monopoly card while getting arrested

Can’t fault a guy for trying. The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota  arrested a man this past weekend with an outstanding controlled substance warrant. At some point during the arrest, Deputy Vai discovered a “Get out of jail free” card on the man, you know, from Monopoly. Yep, this dude carried around the card...CONTINUE READING

Bird repeatedly attacks biker casually biking through neighborhood

This is why no one likes you, birds. A man casually biking through a neighborhood in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, when suddenly, he had some extra company. “I was just riding my bike and having fun, when some feathered friends decided to join me on my outing,” the YouTube description reads. “Magpie swooping season has arrived early,...CONTINUE READING

Walmart will donate up to $20 million in cash and supplies for Harvey relief and recovery

Walmart has announced a significant effort to help victims and survivors of Tropical Storm Harvey in affected areas of the Gulf Coast. The retail giant has pledged to match up to $10 million in customer donations with cash and supplies, primarily supporting American Red Cross shelters, according to a press release published Wednesday. An additional...CONTINUE READING
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