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<div>'Game of Thrones' parody is out to shame your water bottle use</div>

Recycling activism just got a GoT spin. ‘Shame or Glory’ is a parody Game of Thrones advertisement from the people at SodaStream.  Using that scene from the HBO show, an unassuming consumer is paraded through the streets, shamed for the environmental crime of buying plastic-bottled fizzy water. According to a statement from SodaStream, over half...CONTINUE READING
Category:Game Of Thrones

<div>Guess which gender is more likely to be verified on Twitter? We'll wait.</div>

The blue checkmark of a verified account has become a marker of legitimacy on Twitter. Yet, like other invented status symbols, it seems men are more likely to have one. It’s difficult to determine just how many verified men there are versus women on the site — Twitter does not request gender during signup or...CONTINUE READING

<div>Trump’s America will also be a new golden age of activism</div>

Barely a week has passed since the election of Donald J. Trump — and liberals are preparing for the fight of their lives.  To defeat what they consider a radical presidential agenda without parallel in modern American history, they’ve already begun donating to favorite causes, coordinating protests and volunteering at an unprecedented level. Nonprofits and...CONTINUE READING
Category:Donald Trump

<div>'The Flash' star Keiynan Lonsdale wants Barry and Wally to be a speedy team too</div>

Fans of DC Comics know just how important the relationship between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) is for both characters, and this week’s episode of The Flash brings Wally one step closer to embracing his superhero destiny.  In The Flash comics, Wally originally served as Barry’s sidekick, Kid Flash, before becoming...CONTINUE READING

<div>Satire or reality? Neo-Nazis declare New Balance 'official shoes of white people'</div>

The line between parody and reality is a difficult one to define in these darkly farcical modern times, which so often feel like a trip through the wrong looking glass.  Our latest exhibit: A Neo-Nazi blog declaring New Balance the “official shoes of white people.” Yes, that’s right — the sneakers that were once satirically...CONTINUE READING
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