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Zara's confusing 'love your curves' advert has seriously annoyed the internet

A Zara advert is getting called out on Twitter for telling women to love their bodies while featuring an image of two models in skinny jeans.   SEE ALSO: Body-positive blogger compares 2 photos to make an important point The campaign is emblazoned with the words “Love your curves” but the absence of curvaceous models...CONTINUE READING

CNN is Sean Spicer's enemy except for when it's reporting good things about Trump

News is fake until it’s good and then it’s real and we will talk about it. Cool? SEE ALSO: Stephen Colbert doesn’t buy Sean Spicer’s excuse for transgender bathroom protection roll back You may know that the current White House administration is no fan of CNN. President Donald Trump has called their journalism “fake news”...CONTINUE READING

Foursquare offers every mobile app access to your whereabouts

Foursquare’s transformation from fun consumer app into serious behind-the-scenes business is taking another step forward. The location app is rolling out a new platform open to all mobile apps that will allow them get to the front of your smartphone, capturing your attention at the right time and more importantly in the right place through...CONTINUE READING

George Takei cleverly tore through Trump's address to Congress using the power of tweets

Sulu has things to say. Last night President Trump held his first major address to a joint session of Congress. It was his first major speech since his inauguration and, as usual, there was a lot of trolling done by both the internet and the Democratic women of Congress. SEE ALSO: George Takei Reading Erotic...CONTINUE READING

Pro tip: How to be the best (and beat the best) Bastion in 'Overwatch'

Being a pro gamer isn’t easy. Mastering top competitive games takes hundreds of hours of practice — but also knowledge. Each week, we’ll share the most useful tips and tricks to improve your play. It’s time to get good. Bastion, Overwatch’s least-popular hero, received a major update Tuesday, upgrading the turret-wielding robot from a C-tier...CONTINUE READING

'Robo Recall' is a free VR game about killing robots as a robot and it's out now

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s like to be a robot and mercilessly kill other robots by a variety of means, Robo Recall is available to play for free on Oculus Rift. After an appearance during the Unreal Engine keynote at the Game Developers Conference today, Epic Games released Robo Recall for free, exclusive...CONTINUE READING
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