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<div>Postmodern Jukebox's latest cover of "Never Gonna Give You Up" is extra musical</div>

Postmodern Jukebox has nailed Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” before, and now musician Gunhild Carling is here to give the song an instrumental twist. Not only do Carling’s vintage vocals absolutely slay, but she whips out instrument after instrument every chance she gets. Fans of the trumpet, recorder, trombone and bagpipes are sure...CONTINUE READING

<div>The EpiPen company's latest critic is the guy who makes Botox</div>

Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that hiked the price of EpiPens to $300 each, has earned its fair share of critics in recent weeks.  Now joining several members of Congress, Sarah Jessica Parker and angry parents is Brent Saunders, CEO of the pharmaceutical company that makes Botox.  Saunders’ company, Allergan, of course makes other drugs besides...CONTINUE READING
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A new pot breathalyzer is on its way but many debate its effectiveness

Researchers from Stanford University have developed a “potalyzer,” a device that can detect levels of THC in a human to determine if a driver is too impaired to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis. According to a press release from Stanford, the device was developed using magnetic nanotechnology, a process used previously...CONTINUE READING

<div>Hillary Clinton reveals to 'Humans of New York' what it takes to be a woman in politics</div>

Hillary Clinton has been loudly criticized for looking like a robot, acting emotionally distant and committing the terrible sin of “failing to smile.” While some of that criticism feels sexist, a new interview in Humans of New York crafts an explanation for this perceived behavior. In multiple stories published Wednesday, Clinton explains that she had...CONTINUE READING

<div>'Believe Her' or 'Suspect Her'? Netflix's 'Amanda Knox' trailers promise full story</div>

LOS ANGELES —  Netflix wants viewers to “see the other side” of the Amanda Knox story. The streaming giant rolled out two new trailers for its Amanda Knox documentary — one with the tagline “suspect her” and the other with the tagline “believe her” — on Thursday. “That’s everyone’s nightmare: Either I’m a pyschopath in...CONTINUE READING

Crunchyroll and Funimation, rival anime streaming services, announce partnership

LOS ANGELES — Rival anime-focused streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation have joined forces. The two companies announced a partnership on Thursday. Under the new agreement, Crunchyroll will continue creating subtitled streaming experience for fans, while Funimation will focus on delivering the best in English-language dubbed (“Broadcast Dubs”) streaming. The overall goal is to “improve the...CONTINUE READING

Matt Lauer becomes the symbol of frustration with the media

Donald Trump already proved he could steamroll an entire field of Republican presidential candidates. Matt Lauer wasn’t much more of a challenge. On Wednesday night, Lauer became the first member of the media to speak to each candidate in primetime. Now, he’s suddenly the symbol of widespread frustration with how the press has covered the...CONTINUE READING
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