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Cringe-worthy Twitter story about a plumber could shatter your world-view

When someone begins a story with “So. Twitter. I’ve just had the plumber round,” it doesn’t sound particularly scintillating.  SEE ALSO: Twitter‘s crackdown on terrorism appears to be working And it isn’t, it’s the cringiest story perhaps ever documented. Nonetheless Prof Brian Sexhorn’s (a.k.a Guy Kelly, a British comedian) encounter with a plumber, which reads...CONTINUE READING

Bran Stark has started university in the UK and no one can handle it

Winter may be coming and the White Walker invasion may be well underway, but getting a good education is important too, you guys. SEE ALSO: Amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ clue from finale gives more evidence to those “Bran = Night King” theories Over the last few days, Isaac Hempstead Wright (a.k.a. the Three-Eyed Raven himself,...CONTINUE READING
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