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<div>Lindsay Lohan's personal brand now includes a singular new accent</div>

In a perfect world, we will one day have a Parent Trap reboot in which one twin sister speaks in an American accent and the other speaks in Lilohan.  Lindsay Lohan, who has (voluntarily or not) shifted her attention from acting to global humanitarian issues, premiered a bizarre new accent at the opening of her...CONTINUE READING

<div>Lil Wayne says he doesn't feel 'connected' to Black Lives Matter</div>

Lil Wayne came under fire earlier this year for his remarks that suggested he had never experienced racism in his life. Now the rapper is facing similar criticism for his comments regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.  In an interview with Nightline that premiered on Tuesday night, the rapper sat down with reporter Linsey Davis...CONTINUE READING

<div>Little girl's dance moves are way better than whatever sports event is also happening</div>

Anessah is really setting a high bar for all future football games. The tiny sports game attendee delighted the crowd with her spot-on dance moves to “Juju on that Beat,” which you might know as “that song from all those memes.” Watch until the end for the most adorable mascot hug the world has ever...CONTINUE READING

<div>Microsoft just launched Slack's biggest competitor</div>

Microsoft is officially taking on Slack. The tech giant is launching Microsoft Teams, new real-time collaboration software that mirrors many of the features of Slack, including rooms, search and more “cultural” tricks like easy sharing of GIFs and memes. SEE ALSO: Slack is actually an acronym “Just like Outlook brought together email, contacts and calendar...CONTINUE READING

<div>'The Sun is Also a Star,' our latest MashReads pick, explores how we're all connected</div>

“Human beings are not reasonable creatures. Instead of being ruled by logic, we are ruled by emotions. The world would be a happier place if the opposite were true. For example, based on a single phone call, I have begun to hope for a miracle.” This dichotomy of reason vs faith sits at the heart...CONTINUE READING
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