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This 3D technology could be the future of FaceTime

Capturing 3D images and videos is already possible thanks to modern cameras and smartphones. The problem that remains is transmitting the large amounts of data quickly over existing consumer data networks. That’s why Purdue University developed Holostream, a compression and transmission method made specifically for high-quality, streaming 3D video. Read more…More about Iphone, Smartphone, Mashable...CONTINUE READING

This hologram “dances” on your fingertips

Engineers at Brigham Young University created a 3D volumetric display technique called ‘Optical Trap Display’ that traps particles using lasers. This creates an effect where shapes can be contained into a 3D object viewable from any angle. Read more…More about Mashable Video, 3d, Light, Laser, and Display admin html template by maxartkiller admin responsive html...CONTINUE READING

Whatever you do, don’t watch ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in 3D

“Let the past die. Kill it!” Kylo Ren’s calm, yet threatening monologue from Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi (this isn’t a spoiler — it’s in the trailer) couldn’t be more apt for the 3D version of the movie. It sucks. It’s the worst way to watch Rian Johnson’s flick. 3D movies —...CONTINUE READING

Protect your feet and stay comfortable with these second skin covers

These Iguaneye shoes can conform to your feet. The design was inspired by Amazonian Indians who used to dip their feet in liquid rubber and smoked them to create shoes. Iguaneye claims to be hygienic, comfortable, and secure.  Read more…More about Design, 3d, Dip, Leather, and Barefoot admin html template by maxartkiller admin responsive html...CONTINUE READING
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3D printer uses living bacteria as ink, and could one day be used to treat burn wounds

Scientists from ETH Zurich invented a 3D printer ink that has the ability to incorporate living bacteria. “Flink” has the potential of many beneficial applications ranging from toxin detection in water tanks to skin replacement. Read more…More about Mashable Video, 3d Printing, 3d, 3d Printing, and Bacteria admin html template by maxartkiller admin responsive html...CONTINUE READING

This crosswalk looks like it’s floating and it was designed to slow down cars

In Ísafjörður, a small town in the northwest of Iceland, a local environmental officer, inspired by similar attempts in New Delhi, suggested the idea of painting a three-dimensional crosswalk. The crosswalk, painted by road marking company Vegamálun GÍH, creates an optical illusion which is causing drivers to think that the zebra lines are objects such...CONTINUE READING