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Man dangles off hang-glider for over 2 minutes after pilot fails to secure his harness

A rider’s first hang-gliding flight turned harrowing after the pilot forgot to hook the man into the tandem safety harness. Chris Gursky shared his extremely frightening near-death experience hang-gliding in Switzerland on YouTube on Monday. In the footage, Gurksy quickly realizes just after takeoff that he’s not hooked to the glider’s harness. “My body weight...CONTINUE READING

Waymo blames human error for motorcycle accident involving self-driving car

Waymo is pointing the robotic finger at humans. On Oct. 19 in Mountain View, a Waymo self-driving test car hit a motorcylclist, who ended up in the hospital. Now, Waymo has published a blog post with more information about the accident. And it turns out it all came down to that intractable problem: human error. ...CONTINUE READING

Insane footage shows hot air balloon crashing into power lines before landing in lake

A hot air balloon crashed into live power lines before landing in a lake during a balloon festival in Howell, Michigan, on Sunday. Footage of the crash shows the balloon suddenly start to lose elevation and head straight for a set of power lines. The pilot turned the balloon’s flame on full blast, which heats...CONTINUE READING
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