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Inventory symbol assortment authentically portrays folks with disabilities

One year ago, on Global Disability Awareness Day, Getty Images launched a compilation of 50 stock photographs that depicted people with disabilities as human beings with full, gratifying lives.  Dubbed “The Disability Collection,” the pictures set out to dispel stereotypes which often cast those with a disability as either “heroic” or “pitiful,” defined by any...CONTINUE READING

Youngster decorates grad cap with QR code that honors the ones killed in class shootings

Graduation season has arrived, which means it’s time for seniors to personalize their caps. Many take the tradition of decorating grad caps as an opportunity to showcase a witty quote about student debt or reference a beloved television show, but Gina Warren, an 18-year-old from Ashville, Ohio, used her cap to send a serious message...CONTINUE READING

Regulation enforcement officials admit they mainly seek no matter gadgets they wish to on the border

These days “the border” is used more as an inflammatory concept than an actual place with rules and laws. Now, the ACLU is trying to puncture that hot air with some help from the Constitution. In preparation for a lawsuit the ACLU is bringing against the federal government, U.S. officials from Customs and Border Protection...CONTINUE READING

Google staff disclose the hidden prices of talking out

Google has free food and nap pods—but several employees say it also has hostile managers.  Meredith Whittaker and Claire Stapleton were both organizers of the Walkout for Real Change in November, during which 200,000 employees “walked out” to protest sexual misconduct, “golden parachutes” for the accused, and other forms of discrimination at Google.  On Monday,...CONTINUE READING

three ways to battle local weather alternate in line with younger activists

Young people have a lot more life to live, but if we don’t address climate change, the planet they live on will look nothing like it does today. The good news is, a number of young people are putting up a fight. At the United Nations‘ New York City headquarters, Mashable spoke to Noura Berrouba...CONTINUE READING

Throughout the United Kingdom, younger folks strike for motion on local weather exchange

Another Friday, another strike. Young people across the UK took to the streets on Friday to demand action to fix the climate change crisis, according to the Guardian.  Protestors in London were spotted carrying a green banner asking for a Green New Deal, an American proposal to transform the country’s energy infrastructure and reduce carbon...CONTINUE READING

GoFundMe launches new approach to beef up a couple of campaigns directly

If you’ve ever tried to choose between supporting similar campaigns for the same worthy cause on GoFundMe, you know it can be challenging to pick just one.  That’s why the crowdfunding site launched GoFundMe.org Causes on Thursday. The initiative allows donors to support several campaigns related to one of six causes: animal rescue, mental health,...CONTINUE READING

7 inspirational tweets about Martin Luther King Jr. at the anniversary of his assassination

51 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at a motel in Memphis, Tennessee. But he continues to inspire change and empower people to fight injustice.  On the anniversary of his assassination, you’re likely to see more of his quotes than usual, which of course, is inspiring. But it’s important to remember to...CONTINUE READING

GoFundMe donates to GoFundMe that is trolling some other GoFundMe

We forgive you if you’re feeling a bit confused.  GoFundMe, the company, just donated $5,000 to a GoFundMe campaign set up to both counter and troll yet another GoFundMe campaign. But wait, it gets even weirder. In this convoluted battle of the GoFundMes, the tech company comes down on the humane side.  Welcome to San...CONTINUE READING

Swamp creatures descended upon a Senate listening to

Swamp creatures protested the fact that President Trump is in fact, not draining the swamp.  Protesting the appointment of Secretary of the Interior nominee David Bernhardt, activists donned Creature from the Black Lagoon masks during his confirmation hearing.  Bernhardt, who used to lobby for oil and gas organizations, is Trump’s pick to lead the department...CONTINUE READING
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