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Facebook’s new “Playable Ads” let you try mobile game demos right in your newsfeed

You can now try that mobile game before you buy — and without even leaving Facebook. Thursday, Facebook introduced a new ad solution with mobile game developers in mind. Dubbed “playable ads,” the feature lets video game marketers serve ads that give users the chance to try before buying.  Facebook users will be able interact with...CONTINUE READING

Facebook is testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed

You’ll soon be able to try on sunglasses and buy them without ever leaving your Facebook app. SEE ALSO: Facebook ‘split memes’ are driving everyone crazy The social media company announced Tuesday that it’s beginning to test augmented reality advertisements in the News Feed.  For the uninitiated, augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays...CONTINUE READING

Facebook seems to have a new favorite word: Transparency

In the midst of Facebook’s biggest public relations crisis ever, the social media behemoth wants everyone to know that it’s going to start taking transparency very, very seriously. That new commitment, the company explained, starts with changing its notoriously opaque policies and products to better reflect this newfound commitment. In a blog post, Facebook announced...CONTINUE READING

Here are all 47 artists featured in Netflix’s ad highlighting black representation

Netflix recreated a legendary photo for its new ad showcasing black artists who create original content with the streaming giant. Aired during Sunday’s BET Awards broadcast, the ad dubbed “A Great Day in Hollywood” features 47 black actors, writers, showrunners, and producers from over 20 Netflix original shows, films and documentaries. SEE ALSO: Netflix’s ‘Dear...CONTINUE READING

Autoplaying video ads are about to invade your Facebook Messenger inbox

Somehow, Facebook is still finding ways to make Facebook Messenger more annoying. Now, the company plans to bring autoplaying video ads to users Messenger inboxes as soon as Monday, according to a report from Recode. SEE ALSO: Facebook fires shots at YouTube with new poll and gaming creator tools Ads aren’t new to Messenger, but...CONTINUE READING

Google unveils revamped Ad Settings page to reassure us about its data collection

The tech industry’s wave of “transparency and control” in online advertising is now washing over Google.  Google announced on Thursday an update to its Ad Settings page to increase — you guessed it — “transparency” for users around targeted advertising. It is also expanding the reach of its “Why this ad?” feature to all Google...CONTINUE READING

Samsung will pretend to break millions of TVs in a new ad. What could go wrong?

The general consensus when a TV starts to show static or blacks out is that something has gone terribly wrong. When you see it happen, you might get up, check the cord or cable box, and if you’re watching one of your favorite shows, you’d probably get upset.  But that’s not stopping Samsung from making...CONTINUE READING

Facebook and Instagram crack down on shady political ads

Facebook is taking new steps to make good on its promises to fight against election interference. Today, the social network announced a series of changes to its ad policies that are meant to increase transparency around political ads. SEE ALSO: Find out which of your Facebook friends are sharing fake news Beginning today, Facebook and...CONTINUE READING

Burger King stunt could spell the beginning of the end for Instagram Stories

There are two plausible reactions to a new Instagram campaign from Burger King. The first: Dope, burgers!  The second: Dang, brands are about to clog up my Stories feed. SEE ALSO: Don’t forget: Instagram is creepy, too Spanish Burger King used Instagram Stories’ polling feature to allow customers to build their own Whoppers — and then...CONTINUE READING
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