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White House says it will release government data to fuel AI research

President Donald Trump’s top tech advisor said on Tuesday during an MIT robotics and AI conference panel that the US government will disclose any federal data that could further AI research. “Anything we can do to figure that out, we will work very hard on,” said Michael Kratsios, Trump’s chief technology advisor, who holds the...CONTINUE READING

A predictive keyboard wrote a ‘Game of Thrones’ script and it’s hilariously perfect

April 2019 is just too damn long to wait for the eight and final season of Game of Thrones. I mean, you can only rewatch the Lannister Drogon BBQ episode from Season 7 so many times while holding out for another full year. But don’t worry. A hero has emerged from the flames to cast...CONTINUE READING

Can AI make house hunting easier? Zillow is going for it.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, and with those smarts comes application. It’s now used in some surprising areas, from arcade games to law contracts to therapy to pornography. Real estate is the next area AI is conquering, and first up on the battlefield is Zillow. When Zillow’s chief marketing officer, Jeremy Wacksman, joined the company...CONTINUE READING

Google’s creepy AI phone call feature will disclose it’s a robot, after backlash

Google Duplex, the human-sounding AI assistant that can make phone calls for you, stunned us when it was demoed earlier this week. While impressive, Duplex has also received backlash in the past few days, leaving Google to stress about transparency in the technology, reports CNET. SEE ALSO: Google’s AI Assistant can now make real phone...CONTINUE READING

Google Assistant’s new ability to call people creates some serious ethical issues

It was possibly the most mind-blowing tech demo in years: During the opening keynote of the Google I/O developers conference, CEO Sundar Pichai showed the company’s AI-driven Assistant making a phone call to a business and carrying out a verbal conversation with the person who answered. What made the demo of the feature, called Duplex,...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft’s new game plan: Powering tech that’s way beyond PCs

There’s no escaping Microsoft, even if you’ve already swore yourself to another company’s ecosystem. And by the time you notice, it’ll be too late, and Microsoft will have invaded everything. Not just PCs, but iPhones, Android devices, drones, smart speakers… everything. SEE ALSO: Microsoft plans for a future that isn’t anchored by Windows If there’s...CONTINUE READING

Google tries to burst filter bubbles with redesigned ‘News’ app

Google wants to broaden your horizons — and maybe put some “fake news” to rest — with its updated News app. The company rolled out the new program during its I/O conference TuesdayIt uses artificial intelligence to show everyone a broad perspective on the same information, unlike, say, the Facebook News Feed, which varies wildly...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft plans for a future that isn’t anchored by Windows

Microsoft traditionally uses its annual Build developer conference to announce updates to Windows and even showcase emerging hardware and platforms like HoloLens and Mixed Reality headsets. This year is different. Having missed its ambitious goal of putting Windows on 1 billion devices (blame it on Windows 10 Mobile’s failure and death), the tech giant shifted...CONTINUE READING

Save $90 on a baby monitor that uses AI to catch every important moment

Being a parent can be the most valuable, nerve-wracking, challenging, and rewarding job out there.  You hope to be present for your baby’s first step or words, but the sad truth is very few parents are fortunate enough to spend every waking moment with their child.  That’s where Invidyo comes in. Dubbed the world’s smartest...CONTINUE READING
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