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Louisiana family uses a giant alligator to reveal their baby’s gender and it does not go well

Here’s a cool way to make a gender reveal party better (or worse, depending): add an alligator to the mix.  That’s right — this Louisiana family decided to take gender reveal parties to the next level and included a large gator as part of the ritual. Soon-to-be dad and alligator wrangler, Mike Kleibert coaxes the...CONTINUE READING

Gigantic 7-foot alligator finds a new home in a nice suburban pool

Alligators may live in swamps, but that doesn’t mean they don’t dream of moving to some sparking suburban pool someday.  A family in Florida call the Sarasota County’s Sheriff’s office on Monday after they discovered a seven-foot alligator swimming in their pool. The alligator had let itself in, entirely uninvited. How rude! SEE ALSO: Elephants...CONTINUE READING

Mama alligator leads her 16 babies across a golf course, because Florida

A Florida woman witnessed an adorable gang of tiny killers parade from a tiny pond to their new forever home. According to Rotonda West resident Sharon Whiting, the mother alligator gave birth to her babies in February, but is just now moving them to a larger pond with more water, WFLA reports.  SEE ALSO: Rude...CONTINUE READING

Alligator swims over fence and enters woman’s flooded backyard in Texas

Hurricane Harvey dumped a ridiculous amount of rain on southeastern Texas this weekend, bringing with it some unwanted guests.  Arlene Kelsch’s backyard faces Lake Olympia, so spotting an alligator is not too uncommon. But thanks to Harvey, which has since been declassified to a tropical storm, heavy rains caused her yard to flood, and Kelsch...CONTINUE READING
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