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Anderson Cooper slams Trump’s press conference with Putin as ‘disgraceful’

After President Donald Trump and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s historic joint press conference in Helsinki this afternoon, a few strong words began to circulate on Twitter: “indefensible,” “puppet,” and “treasonous,” for example. If those words haven’t given you an ulcer yet, consider what CNN’s Anderson Cooper had to say at the close of the...CONTINUE READING

CNN’s Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper don’t mince words: Trump’s comments were ‘racist’

Nobody should be surprised Donald Trump said something racist. Before election day, he said many undocumented Mexican immigrants were “rapists” and criminals, and his company was sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against black tenants — way back in 1973.  And yet, he continues to outdo himself. “Why are we having all these people...CONTINUE READING

Anderson Cooper breaks down exactly why Trump’s press conference should bother you

The American public is still trying to process Donald Trump’s disastrous press conference on Tuesday, in which he defended those who marched in a white supremacist rally. Later that day, Anderson Cooper broke down exactly what was so disturbing about the president‘s comments in a segment that lasted more than 11 minutes. SEE ALSO: Trump...CONTINUE READING

Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise is everything you’ve ever wanted from ‘Saturday Night Live’

Maybe you see it. The resemblance. Kellyanne Conway. Pennywise from IT. Kellywise the Dancing Clown. The writers at Saturday Night Live sure did. SEE ALSO: ‘SNL’s’ response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal proves that they probably shouldn‘t have bothered Tonight’s offering in the ongoing cinematic saga of Kellyanne vs. Anderson Cooper featured Alex Moffat’s Cooper (clad...CONTINUE READING

Anderson Cooper DGAF, literally talks about Trump taking a dump on his desk

We’ve all marveled at Anderson Cooper’s brutal eye roll. But now he’s slinging some serious … well, you’ll see.  On Friday, the Coop was talking with conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord. The topic, naturally, was the news that Donald Trump told Russian officials at the Oval Office that firing that “nut job” James Comey took pressure...CONTINUE READING

CNN fires Kathy Griffin over her controversial Trump photo shoot

New Year’s Eve 2017 is going to be different on CNN this year. The cable network’s annual show, New Year’s Eve Live, co-hosted for almost the past 10 years by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and comedian Kathy Griffin, will no longer include Griffin. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump finally responded to Kathy Griffin’s bloody Trump photo...CONTINUE READING

Samantha Bee returns, skewering Matt Lauer and Latinos for Trump

Bless the late night air waves, Samantha Bee is back. The face of Full Frontal returned after over a month of hiatus for the show, turning her sarcastic scrutiny this time on Marco Gutierrez, the founder of Latinos for Trump. Bee’s team interviews Gutierrez, who uses phrases like “us illegal immigrants” and smiles while saying...CONTINUE READING
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