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Leaked video confirms our worst suspicions about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold

We hate to say we told you so, but we totally did. A brief hands-on video published online has confirmed our biggest fear about Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy Fold and its foldable screen: The crease is really visible. SEE ALSO: 6 major challenges foldable phones need to overcome to prove they’re not a fad Announced alongside...CONTINUE READING

Inexpensive Google Pixel telephones could be on their approach

Google may be working on cheaper versions of its Pixel 3 phones, the Google Pixel 3a and the Google Pixel 3a XL, 9to5Google reported Monday, citing a source familiar with the phones.  There have been previous rumors about the new Pixels, with an alleged launch date in the spring, but now we’re also getting details on...CONTINUE READING

Android Q has a trick to make Wi-Fi password sharing a complete lot more effective

Do you know your house’s Wi-Fi password, or is it lost in a stack of papers in one of seven possible drawers? If it’s the latter (it sure is for me), you’ll welcome Android Q’s new, clever way of sharing Wi-Fi passwords: Via a QR code.  SEE ALSO: Google releases first beta version of Android...CONTINUE READING

Google releases first beta model of Android Q

The next version of Android is here… sorta. Like clockwork, Google’s released the first beta version of its mobile operating system, Android Q, for developers. The new version of Android is available to download for all Google Pixel owners and includes a number of updates and features with the most notable being support for foldable...CONTINUE READING

Crappy in-display fingerprint readers are ruining new telephones

In-display fingerprint readers — biometric sensors embedded within the screens of many new phones — are garbage. They must be purged from all future devices unless they get significantly better soon. There, I said it, and boy does it feel great to get that off my chest. Because it’s true.  SEE ALSO: 5G will be...CONTINUE READING

Lenovo Sensible Tab M10 sensible show and pill hybrid on sale for $50 off at Amazon

Not sure if you should get a smart display or a tablet? Get both.  We’re not saying you should shell out mountains of money to get two devices, but you should think about picking up a hybrid like the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 at one low cost. The 2-in-1 features the usefulness of a premium...CONTINUE READING

Samsung allows you to remap the Galaxy S10’s Bixby button to the whole thing however the only app everybody desires

Since the Galaxy S8, Samsung has included a physical button to activate its Bixby digital assistant on its flagship phones. And for just as long, Samsung users have been asking for a way to program the button to do something else — something they’ll actually use — like launch another app or activate a smarter...CONTINUE READING

Volvo Polestar 2 is the primary automobile to incorporate Google’s local dashboard

On Wednesday, Volvo’s performance brand debuted its first all-electric car, the Polestar 2. But the new  Tesla Model 3 competitor is causing a stir in the auto industry not only for its performance, but for being the first car to feature Google’s native version of Android built for cars. The first Polestar vehicle (aptly named...CONTINUE READING
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