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San Francisco Google employees walk out in protest of sexual harassment

On an unusually warm Nov. 1 morning in San Francisco, scores of Google employees walked out of their downtown office in protest.  The staged walkout had come together quickly, and followed the Oct. 25 news that Google execs paid Android creator Andy Rubin $90 million after determining that allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him...CONTINUE READING

Report: Google paid Android creator Andy Rubin a ton of cash following sexual misconduct allegations

Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is a very wealthy man.  According to a blockbuster report from the New York Times, that’s thanks in no small part to a $90 million payment from Google as company executives ushered him out the door while simultaneously sweeping credible sexual misconduct allegations under the rug.  The story details...CONTINUE READING

The creator of Android is building a phone that’ll text and send emails for you

What will the smartphone of the future look like?  Foldable phones are holograms are certainly a possibility, but if you’re Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, the killer feature for tomorrow’s phone might be an AI that’s able text for you. SEE ALSO: Google’s Pixel 3 and 3 XL are cameras first, phones second, and...CONTINUE READING

Andy Rubin on leave from Essential after report about ‘inappropriate relationship’ at Google

Andy Rubin, CEO and founder of Essential, has taken a leave of absence for “personal reasons” from his company following a report from The Information that he had “an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate” that precipitated his 2014 departure from Google.  SEE ALSO: How Andy Rubin’s Essential is different from other smartphone companies The woman...CONTINUE READING

The huge-screened Essential Phone will be a Sprint exclusive

The Essential Phone, an upcoming Android smartphone conceived by Android creator Andy Rubin, will be available with only one major carrier in the U.S. — Sprint.  This doesn’t mean you absolutely must switch to Sprint if you want one. The phone will be available unlocked from the Essential website, and will work with all major...CONTINUE READING

Essential’s new Alexa competitor activates just by looking at it

Andy Rubin, the founder of Android and the brain behind the quintessential early aughts phone Sidekick, is back, and this time he has his sights on taking over your home. After months of teasing, Rubin on Tuesday finally debuted his new company, Essential. The company‘s first and primary offering is a phone, but they also...CONTINUE READING

The Essential Phone is now available for pre-order on Sprint

Sprint announced today that Android creator Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is finally available for pre-order.  The phones were originally supposed to be available 30 days after Essential launched in May, but that deadline proved to be unattainable.  SEE ALSO: Android’s first serious augmented reality phone is finally here Yesterday, Essential customers who reserved the phone...CONTINUE READING
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