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Social media is loving Angela Merkel’s photo of Trump vs. G7 summit leaders

As per usual, Angela Merkel has no time for Donald Trump’s nonsense. On Saturday, the German Chancellor shared a striking photo of the G7 summit on Instagram that prominently showed her and other world leaders gathered around Trump. SEE ALSO: Macron straight-up turned Trump’s skin white with intense G7 handshake The U.S. president is seated...CONTINUE READING

Angela Merkel made damn sure we saw that Putin-Trump handshake

For all the talk about the secrecy and complete lack of access to Friday’s much-anticipated Trump-Putin summit, it was a sort of unlikely source that gave us a first glance at the controversial pair of world leaders rubbing elbows: the German cabinet’s Facebook page. SEE ALSO: The Trump-Putin handshake the world’s been waiting for is...CONTINUE READING

Russian Twitter bots boosted baseless voter fraud claims in Germany

A Russian-language network of Twitter bots tried to boost claims of voter fraud going into Germany’s national elections on Sept. 24. Those elections seem to have largely avoided the alleged Russian interference that had recently taken place in both the United States and France, but Russian-language bots still seized on a claim made by what...CONTINUE READING

Angela Merkel fits right in at German gaming expo, tries ‘Farming Simulator’

Apparently German chancellor Angela Merkel loves video games. Merkel opened this year’s Gamescom — a consumer video game trade show that has been held in Cologne, Germany every year since 2009 — and stuck around to see some cosplayers and even get her hands on some games. Of course, people on Twitter captured some of...CONTINUE READING

Man promises to get Angela Merkel tattoo on his butt for 10,000 upvotes, delivers

If you make promises for internet points, you’d better be prepared to keep them. SEE ALSO: Parents’ reaction to daughter’s tattoo is priceless Just ask Redditor u/Errk_fu. Last month, he shared a sketch of German Chancellor Angela Merkel alongside a very specific commitment: if the post got upvoted 10,000 times, he’d get her tattooed onto...CONTINUE READING

Women found Trump's body language towards Angela Merkel so painfully familiar

No matter how hard we want it to, 2016’s election never seems to fully go away. For many women who chose to watch President Trump’s joint press conference with Angela Merkel on Friday, the experience hit far too close to home. Not only did Trump’s body language mirror his movements on the debate stage with...CONTINUE READING

Angela Merkel's powerful side-eye at Ivanka Trump is asking the question we're all wondering

Ivanka Trump gatecrashed Angela Merkel’s ill-fated summit with Donald Trump Friday, the latest in a line of questionable appearances at gatherings where she probably doesn’t really belong. The reality TV star, businesswoman and jewelry vendor had a seat next to the German chancellor, who has a Ph.D. in chemistry and speaks fluent Russian, for the...CONTINUE READING

A step-by-step guide to utterly botching a simple handshake photo op, by Donald Trump and Angela Merkel

President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are two of the most powerful human beings on the planet. Their influence alone has the potential to topple economies, start and end wars — to alter the very course of our species’ existence. Anyway, the two figures met in Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit on...CONTINUE READING

Angela Merkel is so hot right now. Here’s why the internet loves her.

Angela Merkel is the last politician you’d expect to go viral.  The German chancellor is typically careful and measured. She’s consistently worn the same haircut and pantsuit combination for years. Her hands are regularly folded into what observers call the Merkel diamond. She rarely strays from her script.  SEE ALSO: Angela Merkel just eye-rolled Vladimir...CONTINUE READING
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