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Bobcat rescued after being stuck in a car’s grill for miles on Thanksgiving

A bobcat just received the best Thanksgiving miracle: a second chance at life.  Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia rushed to the aid of the wild, big kitty after it was struck with a car on Thanksgiving Day by a citizen on her way to work.  According to their Facebook post, the woman parked...CONTINUE READING

A year later, injured turtle returns to man who fixed his shell

A turtle’s shell is essential to their protection. A damaged shell makes the creature vulnerable, and can even sometimes be fatal. Luckily, there are heroes that care about the wellbeing of our scaly friends, like this Reddit user’s father. SEE ALSO: This adorable baby turtle blob is bringing hope to Southeast Asia On Monday, Daniel...CONTINUE READING

In the chaos of Harvey, brave people rescue Houston’s pets

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall last week it wasn’t just the people scrambling to safety and away from rising flood waters — pets, farm animals, and wildlife needed help, too. Stories and heartwarming images keep coming in of dogs gathered onto boats, horses freed from flooded paddocks, and pets reunited with their families. Good Samaritans...CONTINUE READING

Daring magpie rescue narrated by local Aussie hero

Nigel Williamson of Nigel’s Animal Rescue in Victoria, Australia is the saviour of injured and trapped wildlife, offering a helping hand wherever he’s needed. One such rescue he uploaded to Facebook Wednesday is so lovely it might make you cry. After several unanswered calls to “wildlife people” for help, he posted, Williamson was called in...CONTINUE READING

<div>Koala drops in on local accountant because money don't grow on trees</div>

Tax time is a burden to most ordinary humans, but it seems that one koala from Leongatha, Australia, shares our financial woes. Victorian Politician Harriet Shing noticed a fluffy koala strolling down the street on Monday Nov. 14 in the small country town, and the marsupial’s aimlessness worried her.  SEE ALSO: Teenager finds this koala...CONTINUE READING

<div>Adorable 'tumble dryer' kittens born in London dry-cleaners will melt your heart</div>

LONDON — Cats are notorious for their peculiar post-partum practices.  For example, a mother cat will routinely relocate her litter, often moving the newborn kittens from one dark and quiet location to the next.  An East London dry-cleaners witnessed this unusual feline fact first-hand when, to its employees’ surprise, the desperate meows of four newborn...CONTINUE READING
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