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Squirrel jumps on best of UPS driving force’s head and he is unusually kick back about it

People often complain about “annoying squirrels” or squirrels on the attack, but no one ever gives any credit to the many squirrels with social skills. Take this little squirrel, who went out of its way to greet the UPS driver when the homeowner didn’t initially open the door. The driver, to his credit, handled the...CONTINUE READING

Camp Hearth survivor elated to seek out canine ready at their burned down area

When Andrea Gaylord was forced to evacuate the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California in November, she couldn’t get back home to take her dog Madison with her to safety as the fires spread. The evacuation order was lifted nearly a month after it was instated in Paradise, California, and Gaylord was beside herself to...CONTINUE READING

Liked freeway-crossing mountain lion discovered lifeless following California hearth

It’s hard out there for a smart cat in a dumb world.  The National Park Service confirmed on Dec. 7 that a mountain lion, widely known for his ability to safely navigate the treacherous freeways of Southern California, was found dead following the Woolsey Fire. The “Culvert Cat,” as he was affectionately referred to, was...CONTINUE READING

PETA’s marketing campaign to forestall anti-animal language sparked a brand new meme

PETA’s ridiculed campaign inspired a glorious new meme.  The animal’s rights group was heavily criticized for comparing “anti-animal” idioms to racism, homophobia, and other discriminatory language. Along with their terrible opinion, PETA posted a list of very serious alternatives for “anti-animal language.”  Hilarious examples include “Take a flower by the thorns” instead of “Take the...CONTINUE READING

Like you, dolphins also appear to enjoy watching television

Mindlessly watching TV is a pastime enjoyed by many humans, and it seems dolphins are into it too. Researchers at the Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder in Key Largo, Florida, played videos on a TV screen through underwater windows for a small sample of 11 bottlenose and five rough-toothed dolphins. SEE ALSO: Puppy detained by...CONTINUE READING

George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully is too good for this world

Former president George H.W. Bush died on Sunday, but his service dog Sully H.W. Bush is still on duty and heavily mourning his loss. A moving photograph posted to Sully’s Instagram account on Sunday shows him lying on the ground in front of his owner’s flag-covered casket, and oh my gosh he’s just the best...CONTINUE READING
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