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Canine waits patiently till anyone stops site visitors so it could actually move the road

Unlike chickens, dogs crossing the road are a serious matter.  On a snowy day in Chelyabinsk, Russia, a dog waited patiently to be escorted across a busy street.  The incident, which was captured on a dashcam, shows a person in uniform approach traffic and guide the dog across the road. Once across, the dog goes...CONTINUE READING

Dude autotunes his cat miaowing and the effects will make you shake with laughter

Madonna and Cher are no strangers to the odd bit of autotune. But, cats — yep, cats! — are admittedly a new one on us.  Joaquin Baldwin — a feature animation layout artist at Disney — tweeted that he autotuned his cat Elton because “he won’t shut up in the morning.”  The results will induce...CONTINUE READING

10 cute movies of turtles consuming strawberries

There is nothing quite as pure as watching animals try to eat cumbersome people food. Dogs and peanut butter, hamsters and crackers — it’s a match made in viral video heaven.  But our personal favorite physical manifestation of cuteness comes in the form of turtles trying to eat strawberries. Their mouths are just too small...CONTINUE READING

This raccoon influencer says they in truth make excellent pets (however possibly persist with canine)

Herbert Hoover wasn’t the only one who thought raccoons make great pets.  Most people think of raccoons as devilish, garbage-eating jumbo-rodents. Or, one may think of popular animated characters like Meeko, Pocahontas’ cunning sidekick. Either way, it’s unlikely to imagine them playing fetch or eating marshmallows out of your hand.  But that’s not stopping some...CONTINUE READING

Alpaca accounts are underrated social media treasures

In the vast world of animals with social media accounts, common household pets like cats and dogs typically reign supreme. But if you’re not following your fair share of alpacas on the internet, you’re sorely missing out. Though social media accounts dedicated to alpacas are rare, they’re remarkable —  like delicious pieces of hay in...CONTINUE READING

‘Dachshund was once robbed’: Persons are outraged over the Westminster Canine Display winner

On a crisp winter’s night in New York City, folks rallied around a literal underdog (ugh, sorry). King, a majestic wire fox terrier, took out the coveted Best in Show award at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. But everyone’s saying the dachshund was robbed. SEE ALSO: Behold,...CONTINUE READING

Zookeepers sought after two tigers to mate. The assembly ended with a lifeless tiger.

At a zoo, a dicey attempt at tiger matchmaking went awry.  The ZSL London Zoo said Friday that a new male Sumatran tiger, Asim, killed the facility’s “beloved” female, Melati. Zookeepers allowed the two wary predators to physically interact for the first time, hoping they would eventually mate as part of a greater European breeding...CONTINUE READING
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