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French beach town bans swimming because of a very horny dolphin

Zafar the dolphin just wanted to find love. And maybe a quick hook up.  The sexually frustrated dolphin has been wreaking havoc in Landévennec, Brittany, a seaside town in the north of France. The town had to ban swimming because the dolphin, who locals nicknamed Zafar, wouldn’t stop rubbing up on boats and innocent beachgoers....CONTINUE READING

Grandmother pulls out two pythons hiding in barbecue like it’s no big deal

Snakes. Scary, right? Not so frightened of these creatures was 81-year-old Australian grandmother Faye Morgan, who casually pulled out not one, but two pythons hiding in the barbecue of a Queensland home on Sunday morning. SEE ALSO: At 99 million years old, this baby snake fossil is the first of its kind to be discovered...CONTINUE READING

Bentley, the dog who went missing after a fatal car crash, makes it home

Nearly three weeks ago Bentley, a one-year-old Goldendoodle, was thrown from a Jeep that crashed in Colorado. The pup’s family, friends, and strangers have been searching for him ever since. Finally, Bentley was spotted this weekend and successfully reunited with his grieving family.  The Kansas family was visiting Colorado when the accident happened on Aug....CONTINUE READING
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Bruno, the quirky, very high-maintenance cat was adopted :’)

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week. Bruno, the beloved and very ~thicc~ polydactyl cat, has officially been adopted. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. The extremely high-maintenance feline captured the hearts of internet users everywhere after...CONTINUE READING

Penguin that loves untying shoelaces is the delightful little jerk you’ve been looking for

Jerks can sometimes be good — at least when they’re penguins. Jill Twiss shared a video of a penguin who has a proclivity for untying shoelaces on Twitter, and it is the soul healing balm I’ve been searching for. SEE ALSO: Please enjoy this video of 2 penguins taking a romantic beachside stroll “I know...CONTINUE READING

This video of a duck family crossing a highway is here to show you that it’s not all bad

We’re not here to tell you that the world isn’t a dark, scary place.  But, this video will remind you that it’s not all bad, and that people still have great capacity for compassion. SEE ALSO: Remembering Advice Animals, one of the internet’s first viral memes The morning traffic in Auckland, New Zealand was disrupted...CONTINUE READING
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