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The world’s pretty messed up, so here’s a bunch of tiny-weeny cheetahs

If you’ve yet to fill your quota of daily spluttering over baby animals, this should tip you right over the edge. A group of six newborn cheetah cubs have been unveiled to the public, having arrived at Taronga  Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, Australia. SEE ALSO: These lynx screaming at each other will strike a...CONTINUE READING

Everything is bad, but at least this puppy got rescued from a hole

Listen, I don’t need to tell you that things aren’t great right now. There are separated families in desperate need of help, mass shootings are a regular occurrence, and a U.S. Supreme Court justice is retiring, among other terrible things happening right now.  But we do have one (1) nice thing to discuss: The rescue...CONTINUE READING

The world is a terrible place but at least the ‘What the Fluff’ challenge exists

Does the news cycle make you depressed? Are you exhausted from following the cesspit that is current events? Does being on social media fill you with existential dread that only wholesome animals can cure?   The “What the Fluff?” challenge is the most pure thing on the internet right now — yes, the world is...CONTINUE READING

Cat instantly regrets decision to sniff salt and vinegar chip

If you’ve ever found yourself confused by the expression “curiosity killed the cat”, just watch the video below. It’s almost like a modern-day — although thankfully much less severe — retelling. SEE ALSO: Safely satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts with this toy “I told my cat she wasn’t gonna like this salt and vinegar...CONTINUE READING
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This Twitter thread of playful puppies is the closest we’ve come to absolute joy in 2018

At long last, Twitter is good — and it’s all thanks to puppies. On Monday, Twitter user @BlairBraverman, a dogsled racer and co-creator of BraverMountain Mushing, posted a massive thread of puppy photos and videos, and WE WERE NOT PREPARED. SEE ALSO: Give this dog a Dundie for recreating the entire opening intro of ‘The...CONTINUE READING

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest crowns its latest, absolutely PRECIOUS winner

All dogs are good dogs. But all dogs are not beautiful dogs (on the outside, at least). The World’s Ugliest Dog competition brought its annual show to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in California on Saturday night. And the precious angel you see pictured above, a 9-year-old English bulldog named Zsa Zsa, was chosen by a panel...CONTINUE READING
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