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Burnt parrot show off new wings made of matches and superglue

Who knew a crafter-noon could do this?  After an endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo was seriously burnt after a powerline explosion, the little feathered dude was taken to Australia’s Perth Zoo, where vet staff decided they’d need to get crafty. The cockatoo had lost his wing feathers in the accident, so medical staff proceeded with “imping” —...CONTINUE READING

Wise petition calls for Confederate monument to be replaced with statue of manatee

Today a petition is circulating to replace a Confederate monument in Bradenton, Florida, with a monument for Snooty the manatee, a beloved local resident who passed away Sunday at the age of 69. (He was believed to be the world’s oldest manatee.) The current monument is located near Snooty’s former home in Bradenton. And Anthony...CONTINUE READING
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Bird repeatedly attacks biker casually biking through neighborhood

This is why no one likes you, birds. A man casually biking through a neighborhood in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, when suddenly, he had some extra company. “I was just riding my bike and having fun, when some feathered friends decided to join me on my outing,” the YouTube description reads. “Magpie swooping season has arrived early,...CONTINUE READING

Can you tell which picture of a giant cock is actually Donald Trump?

Well, it’s that time of day again. Time to take something good and pure in this world and make it irrevocably tied to something awful.  This very, very large chicken went viral after being, like, really freakishly gigantic. SEE ALSO: An orange alligator exists and people are calling it ‘Trumpigator’ You don’t have to be...CONTINUE READING

Dad’s business awards Employee of the Week to many sweet doggos

This small business owner is doing his part to recognize the hardest-working doggos on the job are getting their recognition by naming them employee of the week. Twitter user @_illdill_ shared the info about his dad’s business on Twitter, and our hearts are swooning over the heartwarming practice. His dad has to go out to...CONTINUE READING
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