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Watch an enormous snake make the biggest plot twist when it decides to rescue itself

We all know snakes can be scary, but sometimes they can be pretty surprising, too. They can be super unpleasant especially because they can sneak up out nowhere, like this male carpet python did on someone’s deck in Australia.  But once the snake removers were called in, things took a turn. The interesting thing about...CONTINUE READING

Southwest Airlines helps animals orphaned by Hurricane Harvey find new forever homes

Southwest Airlines recently became a hero to some pretty grateful furry victims of Hurricane Harvey.  The adorable cats and dogs were rescued and flown from Austin, Texas, to San Diego, California, by the airline who wanted to help the helpless.  According to the Boston Herald, one of the airlines’ main cabin interiors took in four-legged...CONTINUE READING

These Malaysian firefighters are having a hard time catching a massive crocodile

A group of firefighters in Malaysia were having a little bit of trouble catching a giant crocodile Sept. 3.  The hulk sized croc had his mouth agape, meanwhile the firefighters scrambled to figure out the best way to get control of the flailing reptile while still holding on to their limbs. At one point the...CONTINUE READING
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