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Why you should watch ‘Mary and The Witch’s Flower’ this weekend

Recently, it’s felt almost like our duty to live in a world devoid of magic. When everything’s falling apart, there’s this pressure to “live in the real world” — to replace all wonder and hope with horror and pragmatism. Unless you’re watching Mary and The Witch’s Flower, which blurs the lines between fantasy and realism,...CONTINUE READING

Welcome back, Spike: ‘Cowboy Bebop’ live action TV show adaptation in the works

See you in live action, space cowboy. It’s been almost two long decades since the anime adventures of Spike and his crew garnered a cult following for Cowboy Bebop, a sci-fi western telling the tales of a starbound bounty hunter and his misfit crew. Well, fans of the famous show had reasons to rejoice Tuesday...CONTINUE READING

'Ghost in the Shell’ is visually compelling but fails to avoid whitewashing controversy

Now on CineFix, come for the review, stay for the recommendations! Clint and Ti share their thoughts on the latest movie, Ghost in the Shell, as well as their picks for movies that pair nicely with the anime remake. Visit CineFix for more episodes and movie-related content. Read more… More about Whitewashing, Anime, Rupert Sanders,...CONTINUE READING

Brock and Misty will make a triumphant comeback in the ‘Pokémon’ TV show

Brock and Misty, the two best friends that any Pokémon master could ever ask for, are returning to the Pokémon TV show. SEE ALSO: Pikachu has invaded Snapchat with a face lens that’s too awesome for words The cover of the upcoming issue of Japanese magazine Televi-Kun was posted on an anonymous confession board, according...CONTINUE READING

We wish this anime fidget spinner parody were actually a real show

We’ve basically reached peak fidget spinner. But this anime parody actually nails its mark pretty accurately. Video effects company Corridor Digital has produced an anime-inspired video about fidget spinners.  It comes complete with typical anime tropes like a soulless antagonist, a red-cap wearing underdog, cuts to cheering four-man strong crowds, and a rich guy —...CONTINUE READING
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