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The collapse of Antarctica’s most vulnerable ice shelves would just be the start of our problems

There’s a reasonable chance that Antarctica’s two most vulnerable ice shelves — the ends of massive glaciers that float over the ocean — will succumb to Earth’s warming climate and eventually collapse into the sea.  These particular shelves, known as Larsen C and George VI, are perched on the Antarctic Peninsula — the finger that...CONTINUE READING

Antarctica is losing billions of tons of ice each year, sharply boosting sea levels

Earth-orbiting satellites are watching Antarctica thaw.  Eighty scientists from over 40 earth sciences agencies, including NASA and the European Space Agency, used satellite data from between 1992 to 2017 to find that Antarctica has lost three trillion tons of ice to the oceans over this 25-year period. Their research, published Wednesday in the journal Nature,...CONTINUE READING

Scientists are spying on frisky penguins with these kinda obvious cameras

Antarctic researchers are being a bit creepy in the name of science. They’ve been using remote timelapse cameras to keep track of the mating habits of Adélie penguins, which helps to map out their breeding cycles. SEE ALSO: How Antarctic climates mess with your camera Cameras take up to 12 pictures a day of the...CONTINUE READING

Boaty McBoatface is heading to Antarctica to help scientists answer urgent questions

The British research submarine that the internet named “Boaty McBoatface” is headed to Antarctica as part of the largest U.S. scientific collaboration with the U.K. in Antarctica in 70 years.  The project, which will involve more than 100 scientists when it gets started later this year, is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the...CONTINUE READING

Scientists record the world’s longest penguin dive

Emperor penguins are excellent divers, and scientists in Antarctica have clocked the world’s longest dive from the aquatic bird. The tracked penguins managed to complete underwater dives as long as 32.2 minutes, eclipsing the previous record of 27.6 minutes. On average, emperor penguins dive for about three to six minutes. SEE ALSO: Arctic sea ice...CONTINUE READING

Supercolony of 1.5 million penguins found on the Danger Islands because of their poop

The remote Danger Islands off the coast of Antarctica are home to a previously undiscovered supercolony of more than 1.5 million Adélie Penguins, and thanks to a satellite and some drone footage, researchers now know about them.  A new study published in the open-source journal Scientific Reports this week announced the discovery. It also details...CONTINUE READING

‘Supercolony’ of 1.5MM penguins discovered in Antarctica

Scientists were shocked to find over 1.5 million little birds waddling around — spread out on remote islands, these penguins were living in private away from human activity. Hopefully, they will be safe from the effects of climate change.   Read more…More about Science, Mashable Video, Global Warming, Antarctica, and Climate Change html template by...CONTINUE READING

Air New Zealand’s ‘coolest’ safety video in Antartica prompts backlash

Air New Zealand has produced some stellar safety videos and ads in the past, but their latest set in Antarctica is prompting backlash. Starring Entourage actor turned activist Adrian Grenier, the pre-flight safety video takes viewers on a journey around Antarctica and the important conservation work being done there. SEE ALSO: Airbus’ drone taxi has...CONTINUE READING

Warming Antarctic may force over 1 million King Penguins to find new homes or perish

King Penguins — the second largest penguins on Earth — will likely see their populations plummet this century as the oceans surrounding Antarctica heat up. Unlike the even heftier Empire Penguins, which live and breed in massive colonies on ice-covered Antarctica, King Penguins can only survive on cold, though ice-free islands. Their chicks don’t have...CONTINUE READING
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