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Telegram’s back in the App Store, but was porn to blame for its removal?

Messaging app Telegram mysteriously vanished from the App Store on Thursday because “inappropriate content was made available to our users” according to the company’s CEO Paval Durov. In response to a Twitter user, Durov tweeted that the company was “alerted by Apple” and as a result of the unspecified “inappropriate content,” both the Telegram app...CONTINUE READING
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Apple finally approved an app that tracks drone strikes, then abruptly deleted it

Five years ago, Josh Begley, a data artist and editor at The Intercept, created a straightforward news app for iOS. It sent a push notification to your device each time a U.S. drone strike was reported by a news outlet.  SEE ALSO: Here’s how you create echo chambers on Facebook There’s a map that shows...CONTINUE READING

iPhone and iPad users went on a spending spree on the first day of 2018

The App Store just blew through another record, even as Apple fights off complaints for deliberately slowing down older iPhones. Together, iPhone and iPad users spent $300 million in the App Store on the first day of 2018 alone, Apple announced Thursday.  SEE ALSO: The 12 best apps of 2017 The company claims it set...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift’s celebrity app is tanking. Here’s why.

The Swift Life, Taylor Swift’s celebrity app created in collaboration with Glu (the same company that brought you Kim Kardashian: Hollywood), is swiftly tanking. Taylor’s game-ified social network for super Swifties started out relatively strong. Like most things The Real Taylor touches, her fans swarmed the App store when it first arrived on her birthday,...CONTINUE READING

Beware: There’s a fake Ethereum wallet app in Apple’s App Store

A fake version of popular wallet for cryptocurrency Ethereum, MyEtherWallet, is currently being sold in Apple’s App Store.  The app is created by a developer called Nam Le, with no ties to the makers of the original MyEtherWallet, which currently exists only as a browser app.  SEE ALSO: Bitcoin’s little brother Ethereum is at an...CONTINUE READING

Google is destroying Apple in the app game — except where it counts

Android is dominating app stores but Apple is still beating Google in one extremely important metric: revenue. Cupertino made nearly twice as much money from its App Store in 2017 as Google did from Google Play, despite seeing only a fraction of the downloads, according to a new report out today from App Annie. SEE...CONTINUE READING