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four apps to assist your Mac run higher

“To be, or not to be?” Sorry, Hamlet — that’s not the question anymore. In this digital day and age, it’s more like, “Why doesn’t Apple offer better solutions for cloud storage, data synchronization, and video downloading on Macs?”  The solution to that pressing issue, dear reader, can be found within ye olde Mac Power...CONTINUE READING

This $40 app will let you construct a web page with out writing a unmarried line of code

If you’re a creative with an impressive portfolio or a business owner selling a medley of high-demand products, but you don’t have a legitimate website to show for it — do you really exist? In our increasingly digital world, it’s almost a requirement that you have a functioning website to establish your existence and publicize...CONTINUE READING

Meditate, fortify center of attention, and be happier in 2019: Those classes and apps are on sale

New year, new you, new… brain? Before you ask, no — we’re not going to force you through a Get Out-inspired transplant. We’re merely recommending you subscribe to one of these seven affordable brain-training bundles and apps so that your mind’s in shape this year.  Whether you want to start practicing meditation, improving your focus,...CONTINUE READING

five Instagram equipment that will help you spice up your following and engagement

No matter how fervently we beg them, Instagram refuses to budge on their stance of NOT reverting to the chronological news feedThe algorithm is here to stay, folks, and there’s nothing we can do about it. SEE ALSO: Instagram’s new scrolling feature briefly inspires absolute fury You could swear off the platform altogether (we know...CONTINUE READING

An app may well be the name of the game to if truth be told saving cash this 12 months

According to a recent Credit Karma survey, almost one in four of us reports going into debt during each year-end holiday season. If that’s the case for you, you’re probably wishing you could go and give your 2018 self a stern talking-to.  But since Cher still hasn’t figured out how to turn back time and...CONTINUE READING

In-car infotainment and using blur with Honda’s ‘Dream Power’

Honda wants to turn time spent in the car into an opportunity to shop, play, and get things done —even if you’re in the driver’s seat. Honda calls this in-car experience the “Dream Drive.” In a Honda Odyssey minivan, John Moon, managing director of strategic partnerships at Honda Innovations, showed off the new concept platform...CONTINUE READING

10 nice apps on sale that will help you out in 2019

New year, new deals… well, almost. The thing is, we’re still hung up on a handful of bargains on apps in the Mashable Shop from the past 12 months — so much so that we’re offering them once again for an additional 19% off their sale prices, provided you enter the coupon code NEWYEAR2019 at...CONTINUE READING

Lime e-scooters are far and wide, even Google Maps

Lime made it to Australia last month and Mexico City the month before. On Thursday, the motorized scooters dropped into Google Maps, inching us ever closer to e-scooter world domination. On the Google Maps mobile app, a scooter option showing nearby Lime scooters will come up when mapping out directions on transit. The app will...CONTINUE READING
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