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Learn how to build an iOS 12 app before everyone else

It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s next big event is on Sept. 12 and in the words of The Office’s Michael Scott, it’s happening!  Word on the street is the tech giant will be unveiling a new slate of iPhones, a new iteration of the Apple Watch, an iPad Pro refresh, and of...CONTINUE READING

Chill the eff out and snag the Breethe meditation app on sale

The world is a stress balloon filled with hot liquid trash ready to burst at any moment, which might explain why meditation and mindfulness apps are so popular right now. One of the most popular is Breethe, a fully customizable meditation aid with over nine-thousand reviews in the Apple App Store.  SEE ALSO: 12 of...CONTINUE READING

Instagram adds 6 new meme-worthy Superzoom effects

Instagram Stories are about to get more dramatic. The app is adding six new “Superzoom” effects to its in-app Stories camera. SEE ALSO: Here’s the astonishingly simple hack to spice up your Instagram Stories In case you need a refresher, Superzoom is the camera feature, which lives alongside Boomerang and other effects, that creates three-second...CONTINUE READING

Create professional training and demo videos in just minutes with this app

Anyone who’s had to deal with customers recognizes the plight of explaining your product or service over and over again. And sometimes, you encounter customers so difficult that demonstrating something to them is trickier than helping your grandma understand how Instagram works. Don’t you think your life would be so much easier if you had...CONTINUE READING

Grow your reach on social media with help from this Instagram optimization service

No matter how much you try to deny it, you know you do a mental happy dance whenever your posts get tons of likes on Instagram. There’s no need to be shy — even science can prove that likes make people happier. According to experts, you get some sort of physiological high when friends —...CONTINUE READING

13 content delivery networks to speed up your website

Speeding up your website and content delivery should be near the top of your to-do list, with speed being a factor in ranking. A CDN (content delivery network) could help, as it will drastically reduce server lag by storing static resources on a network of fast-loading servers spread all over the world. Choosing a CDN...CONTINUE READING

Start winning at SEO with this easy-to-use software

What’s the number one key to business success in the digital world? A spiffy logo? Nope. An in-office frozen yogurt machine? No (but it wouldn’t hurt).  Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it all comes down to a strong online presence. Your company has got to be the first one people see when...CONTINUE READING

Google Maps can now share your battery level with friends

Google Maps has been rolling out features left and right over the past few weeks, but recently eagle-eyed users spotted something new. Now when you let a friend know where you are through the Google Maps app, another icon is included with your location information: battery level. SEE ALSO: Google Maps on iOS can now...CONTINUE READING

Manage your cryptocurrency for less than $30 with a lifetime subscription to CryptoZilla

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular by the day, and scores of new traders are jumping on the bandwagon. For these newcomers, a service like Coinbase is appealing because it simplifies the complex process of buying and selling crypto.  But after spending some time with it, most traders come to realize that Coinbase has issues: it...CONTINUE READING
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