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The world’s tallest statue has been unveiled, and it’s almost twice the size of the Statue of Liberty

India now boasts the world’s tallest statue. At almost 600 feet, it is almost twice the height of the Statue of LibertyNamed the Statue of Unity, it is a depiction of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was the country’s first deputy prime minister.  Read more…More about Art, Mashable Video, India, Architecture, and Statue

These Lego-like bricks are actually robots that transform walls into kinetic surfaces

“Brixels” are software-controlled rotating bricks that transform walls into interactive displays. Created by design studio Breakfast, the Lego-like components are built to bring anything from walls to facades to life.  Read more…More about Design, Mashable Video, Architecture, Interactive, and Kinetic Sculpture

Towering, twisted skyscraper proposed to be Australia’s tallest building

A towering, twisting skyscraper with vertical green space and a public rooftop garden is set to become Australia’s tallest building. Dubbed the “Green Spine,” and set to stand 356.20 metres (1,168 feet) high, the design for the striking cantilevered structure was unveiled for the city of Melbourne on Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Luxe Switzerland hotel lets...CONTINUE READING

How a lightweight, prefabricated concrete roof is just a taste of the coming revolution in architecture

Researchers at the technical school ETH Zurich have constructed a unique lightweight concrete ceiling by mixing computational design, 3D printing, and prefabrication.  The design makes it cheaper and more efficient so that structures only use concrete where needed. In the future, that will make buildings more sustainable and better optimized.  Read more…More about Mashable Video,...CONTINUE READING

This ‘skin’ could be the future of how we live in space

MIT researcher Carson Smuts is thinking about life in zero-gravity where the traditional rules of architecture do not apply. With the help of City Science and the Space Exploration Initiative, his project Spatial Flux looks into the future of architecture as the Earth gets more crowded and humans spend more time in space.  Read more…More...CONTINUE READING

Robots can build entire cities almost for free. These architects are making it happen.

Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Gilles Retsin are literally setting the foundations for an architecture of the future. They are co-founders of the Design Computation Lab at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where they work with students to speculate how digitalization, automation and robotics are transforming our built environment. Read more…More about Design,...CONTINUE READING

Cleaning this roof is an absolute nightmare—but at least it looks cool

The Esplanade Theatre in Singapore features a one-of-a-kind roof design, with thousands of triangulated glass elements and sunshades. Unfortunately, the designers didn’t really think through the cleaning process… which takes about two months and has to be done manually. Read more…More about Design, Architecture, Buildings, Singapore, and Building html template by responsive html template mobile

So, here’s a bunch of 911 calls from Apple employees walking into glass walls

Apple’s spaceship-like, nearly all-glass headquarters in Cupertino is certainly beautiful, but it’s proving to cause actual headaches for its employees. A few weeks ago, reports surfaced of company workers walking into the transparent walls that adorn Apple Park. Well, the San Francisco Chronicle has published the 911 calls to prove it.  SEE ALSO: Apple’s new...CONTINUE READING
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