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Developers are out of ideas, so now there’s an app for augmented reality farting

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. When Apple launched its new augmented reality platform, it promised the technology would usher in a new wave of apps that would completely change how we interact with their phones. ...CONTINUE READING

This new iPhone 8 concept takes advantage of one of Apple’s coolest new developer tools

Despite all of the leaks and rumors, we still don’t know exactly what the iPhone 8 will bring when it launches later this year.  But now, thanks to a new iPhone concept created using ARKit, Apple’s new augmented reality toolkit for developers, we may finally have the most fitting render of the upcoming flagship we’ve...CONTINUE READING
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Download this: Holo’s AR app puts ‘holograms’ into the world around you

Now that iOS 11 is out, augmented reality apps are becoming some of the most entertaining apps in the App Store, thanks to Apple’s ARKit.  While we’ve seen AR apps meant to help you buy furniture or bring children’s books to life, Holo’s take on the new feature will be more familiar to fans of...CONTINUE READING

If you have an older iPhone, you might miss out on some of the new AR fun

When Apple teased the latest version of its mobile software platform earlier this week at its WWDC event, it confirmed one of our biggest predictions for the company’s direction going forward: iOS 11 will come with a new focus on augmented reality. Apple’s making a push to get everyone involved in its AR plans with...CONTINUE READING

Developers are using Apple’s ARKit to give augmented reality dance lessons

While we’ve now had several weeks to get a feel for iOS 11, there’s still one big, unanswered question about the update: augmented reality. Namely, whether or not the apps developers are building using Apple’s ARKit will live up to the hype.  And while we’ve seen quite a few impressive demos already, being able to...CONTINUE READING

Your iPhone can now be a measuring tape, thanks to the magic of augmented reality

Apple’s new augmented reality framework will monumentally shift the way we use our phones, if the first few demos are any indication. The new ARKit is Apple’s framework to bring augmented reality applications to iOS devices, launched at WWDC this year.  SEE ALSO: First look at ARKit, Apple’s big jump into augmented reality New demos...CONTINUE READING