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You no longer have to go to Italy to study these 300 museum artifacts up close

The Uffizi Galleries partnered with Indiana University to digitize their entire sculpture collectionThe Uffizi Digitization Project currently hosts over 300 interactive 3D scans of the Gallery’s masterpieces that you can view in detail from the comfort of your home. Read more…More about Art, Mashable Video, Italy, Museum, and 3d Scanning Powered by WPeMatico

Surrealist art and Augmented Reality are a match made in museum heaven

Long before face filters and dancing hot dogs could alter the way we see the world and ourselves, there was already a group of people experimenting with the notion of the “real”: surrealist artists.  In recent years, a number of museums, artists, and institutions have created experiences that combine art with digital supplements, augmented reality,...CONTINUE READING

Meet Dr. Laser — the mastermind behind holography’s past and future

Jason Arthur Sapan, more commonly known as Dr. Laser, is the last professional holographer in NYC and, well, probably the world. Dr. Laser takes us on a journey through the world of lasers, holographs, and how this seemingly simple marriage of art and science isn’t just a childhood novelty. Read more…More about Science, Art, Mashable...CONTINUE READING

Instagram account celebrates women’s self-expression through hair

Humans have evolved in innumerable ways over the centuries, but some aspects of human nature remain largely unchanged.  One of those aspects is our tendency to express ourselves through hairstyles. And, this Instagram account is charting women’s self-expression using their hair throughout history.  SEE ALSO: Instagram on desktop is way better for being a creep...CONTINUE READING

Belgian museums are uniting in protest against Facebook over artistic nudity ban

Belgian museums are banding together to take on Facebook over the social media giant’s rules on nudity, specifically of the artistic variety. The Flemish Tourist Board is trying to convince Facebook to change its rules over how it treats artistic nudity from Flemish Masters such as Peter Paul Rubens. The tourist board, Visit Flanders, points...CONTINUE READING

This glorious Instagram puts Timothée Chalamet into famous paintings

Plenty of people have a lot of love for Timothée Chalamet and historical art. But when you combine the two together it’s a whole different ball game. The Instagram account @chalametinart has only been going since the start of July, but it’s already racked up an impressive 35,000+ followers. It basically features various historical paintings...CONTINUE READING

Welp, here’s a photo of a Putin impersonator riding a bronze bull covered in dildos

A shirtless Vladimir Putin impersonator riding a bronze bull covered in dildos sounds like the beginning of a NSFW joke. In fact, it is a real thing that actually happened on Monday. As an act of resistance, a Washington, D.C. ramen shop owner named Jeff Jetton pulled on a mask of the Russian prime minister’s...CONTINUE READING

Japan’s first digital art museum makes visitors a part of the installation

Tokyo’s MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM has opened its doors and invites visitors to immerse themselves in its psychedelic installations. Inside the museum’s 107,000 square-foot space, patrons can literally get inside artworks and interact with them. The exhibition was put together by Tokyo’s collective of “ultra-technologists”, teamLab. Read more…More about Art, Mashable Video, Japan, Tokyo,...CONTINUE READING
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