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We attended an AI’s first artwork showcase in NYC — Long run Blink

Scientist Ahmed Elgammal went from doing artificial intelligence research to attending his first art exhibit in Chelsea. How? With the help of his creative partner AICAN, an nearly autonomous AI artist. Together they made stunning art that is molding the field of AI art and the art scene in general. We stopped by the Chelsea...CONTINUE READING

Input Snapchat’s VR artwork gallery to rejoice Black Historical past Month

In celebration of Black History Month, Snapchat launched an immersive lens on Monday that lets users explore a virtual art gallery filled with the work of black millennial artists. The idea is that Snapchat users can enter the “gallery” wherever they are to see sharp and vibrant work that celebrates and reflects upon many themes,...CONTINUE READING

Rosanne Money has some an important recommendation for younger musicians

Led by musician Rhett Miller, Wheels Off is a show about the messy reality of the creative life. In this episode, Grammy-winning artist Rosanne Cash talks writing, wrestling with imposter syndrome, the importance of persistence, and the freedom to let yourself fall apart. Read more…More about Entertainment, Music, Art, Mashable Video, and Musician

A skeleton’s blue tooth constitute a ‘bombshell’ discovery for ladies’s historical past

It’s not surprising to learn that women who lived during the Middle Ages didn’t always get the credit they deserved, but tangible proof that further erodes our male-centric view of history is always welcome. A new study asserts that lapis lazuli found in the teeth from the remains of a Medieval woman indicates that she...CONTINUE READING
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