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'Harry Potter' passages that are shockingly similar to 2017 politics

Comparisons between the plot of the Harry Potter series and the Trump administration are apparently not stopping any time soon. What started as the post-election mantra of “Even Hogwarts fell to Voldemort” has morphed into daily comparisons between Potter villains and Trump appointees. These parallels have been criticized as being reductive, juvenile and politically useless...CONTINUE READING

We at Twitter have heard your feedback and are proud to announce: the bird logo now has long legs

Hello friends and users! As you all know, we at Twitter HQ are so, so truly thankful for all of your thoughtful feedback over the years. We love our users, and we never stop trying our best to make Twitter a safe and fun place for your thoughts. With that in mind, we could not...CONTINUE READING

An exclusive first look at the eventual ‘reemergence’ of Anthony Scaramucci

According to recently hired/recently fired White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, America hasn’t seen the last of him. In an interview with Huffington Post, the Mooch stated his plans for the future. SEE ALSO: A look back on everything Anthony Scaramucci was able to accomplish as White House Communications Director “I am now going to...CONTINUE READING

Okay forget the White Walker kidnapping plan, I’ve got plenty of other ideas. By Jon Snow

Hey all, sorry for the short notice but thanks for meeting back up. I wanted to let everyone know that after some feedback we are scrapping the Wight kidnapping plan we discussed the other day. That plan, in which we decided to send an elite team of our most important leaders on a suicidal mission...CONTINUE READING

Wow, some stranger just gave us Trump's tax return and it's really weird

Viewers tuning into The Rachel Maddow Show on March 14 were disappointed to see, after much hype and 20 minutes of on-air build up, that an expected bombshell turned out to be a giant dud. Maddow saw a surge of viewers to her program, following teaser tweets about obtaining President Trump’s tax returns. Maddow eventually...CONTINUE READING

If 'Westworld' used famous robots from pop culture

Westworld’s first season told a compelling story about artificial intelligence, consciousness and personal freedom. Most of the show’s hosts were more human than the robots we’re used to (and a little more human than the humans themselves, honestly). That being said, we can’t help but wonder how a park like Westworld would’ve differed if they’d...CONTINUE READING

Fill out this job application form to be considered for Trump's cabinet

President-elect Trump is filling his cabinet with a who’s who of rich crazy people. From Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to Jeff Sessions, his pick for attorney general, each one of Trump’s selections seems to come with more than a handful of scandals and conflicts. Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, for example, owns...CONTINUE READING
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