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An AI made a $16,000 work of art, and it’s actually pretty cool — Future Blink

AICAN is a program designed by Rutgers’ Art & AI Lab that’s basically an AI artist. After looking at nearly 500 years of art history, it learned the ins and outs of artistic aesthetic, and created some pieces of its own. Who knows, maybe AI art will be hanging in museums around the world one...CONTINUE READING

Solving AI’s ‘black box’ problem: Learning how algorithms make decisions

In 2017, a Palestinian construction worker in the West Bank settlement of Beiter Illit, Jerusalem, posted a picture of himself on Facebook in which he was leaning against a bulldozer. Shortly after, Israeli police arrested him on suspicions that he was planning an attack, because the caption of his post read “attack them.” Except that...CONTINUE READING

Google got rid of ‘Smart Compose’ pronouns because humans are sexist

Unlike a lot of email signatures these days, Gmail doesn’t specify its preferred pronoun. To avoid perpetuating gender bias, Gmail stopped its “Smart Compose” text prediction feature — which provides likely ends of sentences and other phrases for Gmail users while composing emails — from suggesting pronouns, Reuters reported Tuesday.  SEE ALSO: Amazon used AI...CONTINUE READING

Chinese facial recognition system catches jaywalker, turns out to be a bus

China hasn’t been shy about using facial recognition tech to catch jaywalkers, and publicly shame them. The technology aims to dissuade bad behaviour by recognising the offender’s face, checking it with a database, then posting their information on public screens, such as their ID number and name. SEE ALSO: Police trial of Amazon facial recognition...CONTINUE READING

A Chinese news agency unveiled two AI anchors, but they aren’t very good yet

Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency, has debuted two news readers that use artificial intelligence to look and sound like the broadcaster’s real anchors. They look uncanny and sound robotic, but the system is still under development.  Read more…More about China, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, and Broadcasting

China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency debuts ‘AI anchor’ to read the news

The state-run press agency in China, Xinhua, will now deliver news using “AI anchors” made of digital composites that use synthesized voices to “read” the news. These anchors look realistic, but are actually digital composites that are rendered using actual footage of human anchors reading the news. The AI anchors are able to “read” any...CONTINUE READING

Travellers will be questioned by AI lie detectors at the EU border

It’s already nerve-wracking answering questions at the border, and some ports in the European Union are taking it to another, kinda worrying level. They’re installing an artificial intelligence-powered system called iBorderCtrl, which aims to speed up the processing of travellers, but also to determine if they’re lying.  SEE ALSO: Amazon pitched facial recognition tech to...CONTINUE READING

AI-generated portrait sells for a whopping $432,000 at auction

Well, here’s another job artificial intelligence can do instead of humans. AI-generated artwork Portrait of Edmond Belamy sold for 45 times its anticipated price at Christie’s, going under the hammer for an eye-watering $435,000 in New York. SEE ALSO: A museum without walls: How the Met is bringing its ancient collection online While the painting...CONTINUE READING

Google drops out of Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud competition

Google is taking a pass at a potential $10 billion contract. The tech giant has made the decision to sit out of the the Pentagon’s competition for a possible $10 billion cloud-computing project. SEE ALSO: Google exposed personal data of almost 500,000 and didn’t disclose it The Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud, or JEDI,...CONTINUE READING
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