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Category / Artificial Intelligence

Yamaha developed an AI system that translates a dancer’s motion into music

Yamaha Corporation has created an AI-powered system that uses sensors to capture the movements of a dancer’s body and translate them into piano keystrokes. This new system was showcased at a concert that took place in the Tokyo University of the Arts, featuring the famous dancer, Kaiji Moriyama, accompanied by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Scharoun...CONTINUE READING

Google is selling a tiny camera for $249 that apparently only takes perfect pictures

Have a spare $249 and a desire to never think about when you should be snapping a photo? Then Google has something special for you. Google Clips quietly went on sale via Google’s website this week. The device, announced at Google’s Pixel 2 event in October, is a small camera — less than 2-by-2 inches...CONTINUE READING

Here’s how Twitter uses artificial intelligence to crop your photos

The artificial intelligence that crops your Twitter photos is getting a lot smarter.  In a new blog post, Twitter machine learning researchers Zehan Wang and Lucas Theis describe the company’s new approach to cropping your photos into preview thumbnails. SEE ALSO: Why Twitter’s future just got even darker Twitter has been working on this tool...CONTINUE READING

AI will become the criminal hacker’s best friend—and worst enemy

Like in any battle, the ability to harness new technologies can be a decisive factor in victory. In cybersecurity, that new technology is artificial intelligence, and it will benefit both sides. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Data, and Artificial Intelligence admin html template by maxartkiller admin responsive html template mobile

Thanks to AI, it’s now way easier to make memes

Artificial intelligence might be scary to some. But for anyone who spends time editing photos, it’s about to be a dream come true.  On Tuesday, Adobe announced the release of Photoshop 19.1, the newest iteration of its flagship graphics and photo editor. The update includes a number of new features, most of which make it...CONTINUE READING

Criminal database checks are coming to airports

Last month, in the digital pages of this here website (and others), Alvaro Bedoya, who directs Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology, warned that a new order from the White House could turn airports into places that send people to jail.  Turns out, that’s already starting to happen. SEE ALSO: Snowden takes a bow...CONTINUE READING

Facebook just reinvented Clippy

Remember Clippy? Microsoft’s ill-fated early attempt at a digital assistant?  Facebook sure does. And, if the recently launched M Suggestions is any indication, the coders at the social media giant look back on the panic-inducing anthropomorphized paperclip with a bizarre degree of fondness.  Just what is M, you ask? SEE ALSO: Facebook’s new emoji are...CONTINUE READING

Guy Pearce thinks we’re right to be scared by artificial intelligence

It’s almost 11pm in Australia, but Guy Pearce is full of energy. He’s talking about robots. The star of Memento and L.A. Confidential has just been in a film called Donny the Drone — a post-apocalyptic short in which an initially friendly-looking robot (voiced by Pearce) is given a humanitarian award. It’s a beautifully-shot, Black...CONTINUE READING