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Simple typos tripped up Google’s hate speech detection

Keeping on top of negativity online is a difficult task, with nearly one in five Americans having experienced severe online harassment. Google’s Perspective AI aims to fix those problems, but it doesn’t seem to be as smart as it needs to be. As TNW reports, a group of researchers at Aalto University and the University...CONTINUE READING

New Balance used AI to spot trendsetters during Fashion Week — did we make the cut?

New Balance put together a one-day activation during New York Fashion Week that used “Real Time Exception Spotting” technology to look for people who fashionably stood out from the crowd. If you were considered an “exception” by the AI, New Balance surprised you — on the spot — with a pair of New Balance Fresh...CONTINUE READING

Porn company offers to turn customers into adult film stars using deepfakes

When deepfakes burst onto the scene last year, it didn’t take long for the new image-manipulation technology to go from harmless online fun to troubling tool for online harassment. However, one company is looking to shift the conversation back, strangely enough, with porn. One of the first uses of deepfakes was the swapping the faces...CONTINUE READING

The U.S. Defense Department is readying for the battle against deepfakes

The U.S. Defense Department is already preparing itself for the fight against deepfakes, fake audio and video created by artificial intelligence that burst into the mainstream last year thanks to sites like Reddit. According to MIT Technology Review, the development of tech to catch deepfakes is currently underway. Through the Media Forensics program run by...CONTINUE READING

Google Maps on iOS can now ‘match’ you with restaurants

Figuring out where to eat has never been easier.  Google Maps on iOS has been updated Tuesday with a feature that shows you how well you “match” with a restaurant.  SEE ALSO: Apple Store app for iOS gets voice search Once you’ve updated Google Maps on iOS to the latest version, the feature will automatically...CONTINUE READING

AI can predict your personality simply by scanning your eyes

Eyes really do tell a story. Using machine learning, earlier this year scientists discovered a connection between people’s personalities and their eye movements. They then deployed artificial intelligence to track and analyze the eye movements of 42 students. They announced the results last week. Of course, the scientists found a correlation, because why wouldn’t AI...CONTINUE READING
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