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Comedian Abbi Crutchfield paints along with Bob Ross, uses many charming ‘bad words’ in the process —The Bob Ross Challenge

We can’t all paint like the boss himself, Bob Ross — but we can certainly try. Comedian Abbi Crutchfield takes on the challenge. The Bob Ross Challenge is not affiliated with The Joy of Painting or its producers. Read more…More about Art, Diy, Comedy, Painting, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

How one artist creates sculptures that are only visible from one angle

Jim Bond is an artist whose sculptures make the invisible visible. His latest installation, a three dimensional illuminated portrait of Rosalind Franklin, is only fully visible from only one position. Bond’s sculpture, called ‘Making the Invisible Visible’, was one of ten winning designs featured in Historic England’s Immortalised exhibition. Read more…More about Arts Culture And...CONTINUE READING

This stretchable sculpture of Biggie Smalls is made from 7,000 layers of paper

Felix Semper is a contemporary artist, most known for his elaborate and detailed stretchable paper sculptures. One of his biggest muses, he says, is the Notorious B.I.G. Read more…More about Art, Mashable Video, Sculpture, Arts Culture And Entertainment, and Paper html template by responsive html template mobile

Artist locks himself inside a rock for a week, and tries to hatch eggs with his body warmth

With the way things have been going lately, you might just want to crawl under a rock and hang there for a bit. But what about crawling into a rock?  Well, French artist Abraham Poincheval is living out that reality — for seven full days. In a performance art piece called “Stone,” Poincheval has wedged...CONTINUE READING

Hold your breath for the world’s first underwater band

Hanson appearing to sing underwater in the “Weird” video is one thing, but actually playing music underwater?  AquaSonic is the world’s first underwater band, an ambitious project from five Danish musicians who perform submerged in aquariums. SEE ALSO: This fearless artist was lifted by 20,000 balloons for 9 hours Hailing from Denmark, avant-garde ensemble Between...CONTINUE READING

These dolphins learned to paint, and their work will go to a good cause

Dolphins at the ‘Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder’ facility in Florida have been painting for years. Their work will be on display to improve the art market.  Read more…More about Gallery, Art, Painting, Artist, and Arts Culture And Entertainment admin html template by maxartkiller admin responsive html template mobile

Ai Weiwei debuts ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’ in NYC in response to the refugee crisis

Chinese artist, filmmaker, photographer, and activist Ai Weiwei premiered his latest installation of public art in New York City this week. The piece is curated by Public Art Fund New York. ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’ will be up from October 12th to February 11th all over the city. In order to draw attention to...CONTINUE READING

This woman is teaching a robot a craft that humans took centuries to master

Stefanie Pender is a hybrid artist, who has spent 15 years mastering the ancient craft of glassblowing. Now she has built a special robot to try and translate the complex knowledge and muscle memory required to blow glass. For Pender, human-machine collaboration can inform a new age of manufacture, which can in turn weld the...CONTINUE READING
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