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That interstellar asteroid probably isn’t aliens, but the hunt continues

Well, it should come as no surprise, but the interstellar asteroid astronomers discovered in October doesn’t appear to be a piece of alien technology.  According to initial observations made by a radio telescope on Wednesday, the asteroid, named ‘Oumuamua, doesn’t appear to have any obvious “artificial signals” coming from it.  But the hunt isn’t over...CONTINUE READING

This is the best simulation you’ll find of the upcoming total solar eclipse

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Ripples in space and time carry the future of space science

Billions of years ago, two black holes merged in a violent explosion that rippled the fabric of our universe. Those cosmic ripples — known as gravitational waves — produced by this collision spread far and wide in all directions, carrying with them information about the black holes that brought them into being.  In September 2015,...CONTINUE READING

Seven Earth-sized planets orbit an alien star only 40 light-years away

A small, cool star in distant space plays host to something amazing.  Scientists have discovered that at least seven Earth-sized worlds circle the star TRAPPIST-1, a ultracool dwarf star only about 40 light-years (235 trillion miles) from Earth.  The planetary haul — which includes at least six rocky planets total, three of which were first...CONTINUE READING

Discovery of comets outside our solar system is thanks to an amateur astronomer

Citizen scientists all over the world work to aid in scientific discovery by combing through data and looking to the sky with backyard telescopes.  And today, a discovery detailed in a newly-released study shows how that hard work can pay off.  Thanks to amateur astronomer Thomas Jacobs of Bellevue, Washington, scientists have found evidence of...CONTINUE READING

A whisper network is never enough, and it never will be

Wednesday night a spreadsheet filled with names started getting passed around among women in media.  Slowly names of men in New York and national media were added to the list as it was opened and edited by dozens of anonymous women attempting to keep one another safe. Some of those names, highlighted in red, represented...CONTINUE READING