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A super-Earth orbits a famous star not far from our sun

Since the 1960s, scientists and exoplanet hunters have searched for evidence of planets orbiting one particular star. It’s called Barnard’s star and it’s only six light-years from our sun — a stone’s throw in a cosmic sense.  Now, an international team of astronomers has managed to discover a possible planet, known as a super-Earth, orbiting...CONTINUE READING

How to spot internet alien panic from a light-year away

Perhaps you’ve heard: Alien panic is sweeping the internet.  You can’t go more than a week or two without a new and ridiculous story about life maybe being out there in the universe going viral, spawning breathless coverage and debunks alike. It’s exhausting. This week, all that alien panic is swirling around a story citing...CONTINUE READING

Scientists think they’ve found a moon orbiting a world outside the solar system

For the first time, astronomers think they’ve found solid evidence of a moon orbiting a planet outside of our solar system.  And it’s a doozy.  The exoplanet, named Kepler-1625b, is 8,000 light-years away and thought to be many times more massive than Jupiter, much larger than any world in our own solar system. The moon...CONTINUE READING

The best places to stargaze around the world

Light pollution blots out the night sky for billions of people around the world, but there are still places where the night remains untouched by humans. Minimum light pollution, dark cloudless nights, wide open air, and high altitudes are all factors that lead to the best conditions for skywatchers hoping to see amazing cosmic sights...CONTINUE READING

Hungry, hungry black hole would take only two days to eat the mass of our sun

Even black holes get hungry. Astronomers have just discovered a black hole that’s growing faster than any other black hole yet found in the universe.  If the sun were to fall into this incredibly dense cosmic object, it would only take two days for the black hole to devour it, the scientists behind the new...CONTINUE READING

A distant galaxy doesn’t seem to contain any dark matter, and that’s really weird

Billions of years ago, our Milky Way galaxy pulled itself together.  Our home condensed from gas that gathered in our small part of the universe, swirled together thanks to gravity provided by dark matter — the mysterious substance that makes up 85 percent of matter in the universe and doesn’t interact with regular matter.  That...CONTINUE READING
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