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T-Mobile finally beats Verizon to become fastest 4G LTE network in U.S.

T-Mobile has been crowned the top wireless network in the U.S., according to OpenSignal’s “2018 State of Mobile Networks” report. The “uncarrier” blew past Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint in five out of six major metric tests, besting the competition on 4G download speed, 3G download speed, overall download speed, 3G latency, and 4G availability. The...CONTINUE READING
Category:At T, Verizon

Trump struck net neutrality down — and kickstarted the movement that will save it

It’s just over a month since the GOP-controlled Federal Communications Commission voted to gut its net neutrality rules. But if Donald Trump and his hand-picked FCC Chief Ajit Pai thought they’d settled the matter, it’s now becoming clear that what they’ve actually done is the exact opposite. As Obi-Wan Kenobi might have told them: strike...CONTINUE READING

AT&T’s new ‘smart city’ sensors will monitor bridges to make sure they’re safe

AT&T is hooking bridges up to the Internet of Things.  At CES, AT&T announced that it’s testing a new “structure monitoring solution,” a system of sensors to help cities, states, and private transportation companies monitor the stability of bridges, and alert officials if they become unsafe.  SEE ALSO: China’s futuristic cities may include supersonic trains...CONTINUE READING

AT&T fires the latest shot in the war over unlimited data, here's what it means for you

AT&T’s feeling the pressure from its other wireless competitors. And today, it’s showing.  AT&T announced its new “unlimited” wireless plans on Monday. We’re putting “unlimited” in quotes because once you use 22 GB of data, AT&T starts slowing you down.  The new plan also offers 10 GB of hotspot tethering, for when you’re stuck with...CONTINUE READING
Category:At T, Business

Do we need another wireless carrier? Who cares! Comcast is here anyways.

Consumers are enjoying a particularly competitive stretch between the major wireless companies, as they jockey to steal each other’s customers with better unlimited data deals. But if some competition is good, more is (almost always) better. Please welcome Comcast to the scene. SEE ALSO: Why cord-cutters should (kind of) be excited about Comcast’s new Xfinity...CONTINUE READING
Category:At T, Business, Telecom

A very special thank you to Donald Trump for this AT&T/Time Warner fiasco

President Donald Trump has done something that no other president has done before—and many journalists have tried and failed to do. He turned a boring media merger into the corporate version of a soap opera. He made it interesting.  On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it will be filing a lawsuit to...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump denies he’s using the AT&T-Time Warner merger to get revenge on CNN

President Donald Trump was always against a merger between AT&T and Time Warner, and he’s always hated CNN. So the appearance that he was using his position to force Time Warner to ditch CNN to close the $85 billion deal made a strange, vindictive kind of sense.  Now, however, Trump is denying any attempts to...CONTINUE READING
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