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In-car infotainment and using blur with Honda’s ‘Dream Power’

Honda wants to turn time spent in the car into an opportunity to shop, play, and get things done —even if you’re in the driver’s seat. Honda calls this in-car experience the “Dream Drive.” In a Honda Odyssey minivan, John Moon, managing director of strategic partnerships at Honda Innovations, showed off the new concept platform...CONTINUE READING

5G is coming in 2019, and it’ll exchange your existence

It’s hard to imagine life without smart phones and mobile devices. But it wasn’t until 3G that smart phones began to resemble the user experience now so ingrained in our daily lives. Since then, faster network speeds have been one of key enablers of the creation and widespread use of cloud technology enabling transformative services...CONTINUE READING

Fb provides Boomerangs, AR stickers, and portrait mode to Messenger

Facebook is adding three new dynamic camera features to Messenger, it announced Monday. Users will be able to create and send Boomerangs, use a portrait mode, and integrate AR stickers into photos they send over chat. These camera features come on the heels of a Messenger redesign that sought to simplify the interface, which Facebook...CONTINUE READING

This good motorbike helmet includes a futuristic AR show — Long term Blink

The CrossHelmet is aiming to provide wearers with an enhanced riding experience by incorporating a sound control system and a head-up AR display with navigation, ride data, and a rear view camera. Read more…More about Technology, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, Smart Helmet, and Crosshelmet

Bose Frames are augmented reality audio sunglasses

We’re still a way off from augmented reality devices being an everyday part of our lives, but Bose’s new sunglasses are a subtle step towards that reality. Bose Frames are sunglasses, but they’re also a wearable audio device. Embedded in each arm of the glasses is a Bose speaker, and near the temple on the...CONTINUE READING

This smart motorcycle helmet has AI, Alexa, and just looks cool, tbh — Future Blink

Riding motorcycles can level you up in terms of coolness, but it’s also pretty dangerous. You don’t need an expert’s opinion to know that if you ride one, you should wear a helmet! Jarvish is stepping up the helmet game with its X-Series. The most advanced model even features an augmented reality-powered HUD that seems...CONTINUE READING

This 3D sensor will let almost any product ‘see’ the world down to the millimeter

Back in 2013, Occipital made waves with a 3D mapping sensor for the iPad. Flash forward five years and Occipital is back with a new 3D sensor — this one a standalone product. The Structure Core is packed with all the tech it needs to map an environment with a high level of accuracy. Even...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft signs $480 million HoloLens contract with U.S. military to ‘increase lethality’

Microsoft just won a $480 million contract with the U.S. military.  The Redmond, Washington based tech giant will be providing prototypes of its augmented reality headset, HoloLens, for the Army to use in combat missions and in training. While the U.S. Army already uses Microsoft’s HoloLens devices in training, this latest development would bring the...CONTINUE READING
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