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Playing pool with this trusty augmented reality projector should be the only way it’s done from now on

If there were a perfect match between tech and sports, it’s got to be this AR-enhanced pool table. A projector creates trajectories that help the player in real time. Potting the ball from there is solely about the satisfaction. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Pool, Augmented Reality, Ar, and Projector Powered by WPeMatico

HoloLens’ worst enemy is still itself

Two years ago at its Build developer conference, Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, a futuristic holographic headset it said would usher in future of computing: A “mixed reality” where the virtual blurs into the real world. HoloLens looked extremely promising, except for one thing: Its narrow field of view meant using it wasn’t anything close to the...CONTINUE READING

Brands on Messenger are going to start using augmented reality to sell you stuff

Facebook is giving its Messenger bots a new power: augmented reality. Beginning now, a handful of brands will be able to integrate AR effects into their automated messaging bots — those automatic replies you get when you, say, ask CNN on Messenger what the news is.  SEE ALSO: What to expect at Facebook’s F8: Less...CONTINUE READING

Snapchat’s new Harry Potter lens lets you practice your wizard skills

Good news, Harry Potter fans: you can now live out some of your Hogwarts fantasies in Snapchat. The app added a new Harry Potter-themed lens that transports you into the famed wizarding school so you can practice spells.  SEE ALSO: How to use tech to become an actual wizard like Harry Potter Created by Warner...CONTINUE READING

You’ll look ridiculous playing Snapchat’s new AR games, and maybe that’s OK

When the iPad first came out, people looked kinda ridiculous using it out and about.  That doesn’t quite compare to Snapchat’s new AR games feature, “Snappables,” which consists of games that let you control what’s happening using your face. SEE ALSO: Snapchat is testing 6-second unskippable ads As witnessed in the Snappables trailer, you can...CONTINUE READING

Snapchat’s newest lenses will feed your selfie addiction

Get ready to see a lot of new face lenses in Snapchat. Today, Snap announced it’s opening up the ability for anyone to create a selfie lens using its Lens Studio software. Previously, the company only allowed users to make “world lenses” (those are the ones that use the rear-facing camera), so this is a...CONTINUE READING

Leap Motion’s ‘Project North Star’ could help make cheap AR headsets a reality

Leap Motion (not to be confused with Magic Leap) has been working on making virtual reality touchable without special gloves for the last few years and now it’s bringing its high-tech hand-tracking gesture technology to augmented reality. Unlike Microsoft’s HoloLens ($3,000 for developers) and Magic Leap’s likely expensive Leap One AR headsets, Leap Motion’s “Project...CONTINUE READING

This AR-enabled notebook is as close as you’ll get to exploring the moon

You want to be the 13th person to explore the moon, you say? Here’s what you should do: convince NASA to revive the now-defunct Constellation program, crowdfund billions of dollars, assemble a group of super-geniuses to build a moon-landing vehicle, and complete years of astronaut training. Doing all that doesn’t seem plausible, does it? Good...CONTINUE READING
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