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Employee reveals horrific marvel hiding in outdated telephone

Cockroaches just love to gather in places they shouldn‘t.  Recently, in Sydney, Australia, construction workers opened an old landline phone to reveal a Bloomin’ Onion’s worth of dead cockroaches.  Maybe these roaches were trying to phone a friend or perhaps eavesdrop on some juicy gossip. Either way, we’re steering clear of landlines forever.  Read more…...CONTINUE READING

Police known as after guy heard shouting loss of life threats… to a spider

Sure, spiders are scary enough to send some people into a tizzy.  For one Australian man with a serious fear of the arachnid, his rather intense vocal reaction resulted in multiple police units attending the scene. SEE ALSO: Chinese facial recognition system catches jaywalker, turns out to be a bus On Wednesday morning in Perth,...CONTINUE READING

Australia swelters in excessive climate as one the city breaks warmth report

Australians will be cranking up the pedestal fans, as extreme heatwave conditions sear across most of the country. Temperatures have soared above average across much of the continent, peaking at 49.1°C (120.38°F) in the town of Marble Bar in Western Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Much of Australia is experiencing a #heatwave#Temperatures...CONTINUE READING

Thousands of students walk out protesting government inaction on climate change

Never underestimate the power of a group of passionate, angry young people. Thousands of young Australian students ditched their classrooms on Friday protesting their government’s lack of action on climate change. SEE ALSO: The most damning conclusions from the UN’s special climate change report Inspired by Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old Swedish student who led her...CONTINUE READING

Loot boxes recommended for ‘comprehensive review’ in Australia

The question over whether loot boxes constitute as gambling keeps popping up. Australia’s government could be the latest set to investigate the gaming feature, after a Senate committee recommended a “comprehensive review” of loot boxes in a report released Tuesday. SEE ALSO: Labeling loot boxes as ‘gambling’ isn’t just dangerous for EA. It’s dangerous for...CONTINUE READING

Absolute moo-nit: Look at this really big cow

Friends, gather round. We’d like you to look at this really big cow (OK, steer) named Knickers, who is six feet, three inches tall and currently dwarfing his peers on a farm in Western Australia. Knickers, a seven-year-old Holstein Friesian, who was originally purchased to lead other cattle around, currently holds the unofficial title of...CONTINUE READING

Amazon’s international stores are shipping to Australia again

Although the Australian version of Amazon launched last year, it hasn’t yet quite had the same breadth of products as its U.S. counterpart. From Thursday, Aussies will be able to buy from Amazon’s international stores, after the company backflipped on a decision to block shipping to Australian customers. SEE ALSO: The peculiar history behind Black...CONTINUE READING

Lime brings electric bike and scooter sharing to Australia

Electric scooter and bike sharing company Lime has rolled into Australia, launching in Sydney on Friday. The Californian company’s bright green, dockless electric vehicles have been released into the streets, with 300 e-bikes distributed through Sydney to start and e-scooters to come soon. SEE ALSO: Bike-sharing has blown up in the past year, but cities...CONTINUE READING
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