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Tesla pulls useless ‘Full Self-Driving’ add-on from its cars

For years, Elon Musk has been touting the promise of a self-driving car. Well, it looks like that promise is a little further off than Musk previously thought, if it materializes at all. On Thursday, Elon Musk unveiled a new “lower cost, mid-range” Tesla Model 3 car coming in at around $45,000. At the same...CONTINUE READING

Remember the driver disguised as a car seat? That helped Ford develop a self-driving ‘language.’

That man who dressed as a car seat to make it look like he was in a self-driving car last year was, in fact, not a terrible Halloween costume, but part of a study for Ford’s self-driving cars.  At the time, pesky reporters quickly uncovered that the disguised driver was with the Virginia Tech Transportation...CONTINUE READING

Apple self-driving cars could have AR windshields perfect for FaceTime

Your car could act a lot more like your iPhone in the future — at least according to Apple patent filings for an augmented reality windshield. Patently Apple found a European patent application for a windshield display that presents map and road conditions in autonomous cars. Apple has been testing self-driving cars, but hasn’t divulged...CONTINUE READING

Australia announces new national laws for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are coming to Australia at some point, and lawmakers have to prepare for their arrival, whether they like it or not. By 2020, a national law will be put into place around autonomous vehicles, helping guide manufacturers and operators looking to bring the technology to the country. SEE ALSO: Self-driving Uber saw pedestrian...CONTINUE READING

Pro-tip: Tesla’s autopilot doesn’t mean you can sit in the passenger seat

Teslas can do some pretty amazing things. From self-parking abilities to its semiautonomous Autopilot mode, the cars can definitely feel like the future.  And yet, that doesn’t mean you can just kick back in the passenger seat while Autopilot is engaged. SEE ALSO: 9 companies trying to be the ‘Tesla of China’ A British Tesla...CONTINUE READING

Who is responsible when a self-driving car kills someone?

Early Monday morning, an Uber-owned Volvo in autonomous mode struck and killed a pedestrian. The vehicle had a human driver behind the wheel when the tragedy occurred.  This incident brings a sudden urgency to the moral quandary that ethicists have been discussing since before self-driving cars were a reality: Whose fault was this death?  SEE...CONTINUE READING

Driverless cars, without a driver this time, to be tested on California roads

It’s the Wild West on California roads. On Monday, the state Department of Motor Vehicles announced it will allow autonomous cars on public roads without an approved driver. That means cars with no one in the driver’s seat can start being tested and driven throughout the state once the regulations go into effect April 2....CONTINUE READING

Video of Tesla crash shows exactly why Autopilot isn't true self-driving tech

Listen up, Tesla fans.  Your favorite carmaker’s Autopilot is a super-smart marriage of high tech hardware and software that provides one of the best semi-autonomous driving experiences currently on the road.  That said: It is not a fully self-driving system and shouldn’t be used as such. A video posted to the Tesla Motors subreddit and...CONTINUE READING
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