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These new avocados will stay riper longer, so you might actually use them

Could there exist an avocado with a lifespan of more than four seconds? Friends, perhaps. This week, Costco unveiled a sparkly new avocado from Del Rey Avocados, a California-based company. The fruits (yes, they are fruits) are coated in a odorless, tasteless additive called Apeel, according to its creators, is made from lipids and glycerolipids...CONTINUE READING
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Our favorite picks from Ebay’s ‘Under $10’ section

Ebay has an “Under $10” section and our deal-hunting asses are crying tears of joy. This magical place is full of super affordable home items, tech gadgets, clothes and more: Bluetooth earbuds, wireless chargers, gaming gear, handy kitchen tools can all be found there. Because let’s face it: So much of the stuff we want...CONTINUE READING

Heart-Healthy Superfood: Avocados are a cholesterol-free fruit providing nutritional benefits

Paid Content by Avocados from Mexico When it comes to choosing foods that are going to be staples in your regular or daily diet, you want items that aren’t simply good, but are also actually good for you. Wherever possible, you want to avoid sacrificing great taste for healthful benefits. While not all foods happen...CONTINUE READING
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