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Helpful ways parents can use technology during their baby’s first year

Ad Content from Amazon The first year of a baby’s life is filled with milestone moments: learning how to roll over, grasp objects, and of course, exciting forays into mobility like those first few wobbly steps. But today, not only is “baby’s first [fill in the blank]” documented via home video — it’s also “liked”...CONTINUE READING

Scared trick-or-treater clocks giant inflatable baby in the face

A person dressed up in a giant inflatable baby costume attempted to scare some kids this Halloween, but things went sour when one scared trick-or-treater punched them. The moment was captured by the giant baby’s uncle, who says that his nephew was socked after just a few scares, according to Viral Hog. “It was Halloween...CONTINUE READING

Save $90 on a baby monitor that uses AI to catch every important moment

Being a parent can be the most valuable, nerve-wracking, challenging, and rewarding job out there.  You hope to be present for your baby’s first step or words, but the sad truth is very few parents are fortunate enough to spend every waking moment with their child.  That’s where Invidyo comes in. Dubbed the world’s smartest...CONTINUE READING

Small child having an existential crisis while dancing to MGMT is all of us

You know that feeling when you’re midway through doing something — maybe listening to a nostalgic song, maybe dancing — and some fundamentally huge penny drops in your head? Something that suddenly throws your own existence, and possibly the existence of the entire universe, into question? SEE ALSO: Dad and daughter Girl Scout cookie song...CONTINUE READING

This baby trying pizza for the first time is the essence of joy

Theologians can keep arguing about what constitutes a religious epiphany, but we’re pretty sure this is the next best thing. SEE ALSO: Little girl cries because she just can’t stop dreaming about waffles Podcaster Jody Avirgan tweeted a picture of his young daughter after trying pizza for the first time. The picture is… iconic. My...CONTINUE READING

Dad convinces Justin Timberlake to hold his baby Lion King-style at golf tournament

Asking a celebrity to hold your baby might otherwise get you detained by security, but not at a celebrity golf tournament apparently. In this video uploaded to Reddit by user GuacamoleFanatic, a dad tries desperately to get every star that walks by at a celebrity golf tournament to hold his baby. He first asks NBA...CONTINUE READING
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