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Robert Irwin let 3 mischievous African serval kittens run over Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon invited The Tonight Show regular and Animal Planet host Robert Irwin back on the show, with his usual assortment of cute baby animals. The 15-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin, Robert has the same level of infectious enthusiasm as his dad for all creatures great and small — including peppered cockroaches. But...CONTINUE READING

Lovable child penguin has no concept what took place in 2018. Fortunate jerk.

Imagine waking up fresh after this medium-level bin fire of a year, with no knowledge whatsoever of everything that went down. That’s the privilege of this offensively cute baby penguin, a newborn addition to the Cincinnati Zoo. SEE ALSO: Your favourite same-sex penguin couple welcome their fluffy baby First reported by NBC affiliate WLWT, the...CONTINUE READING

Robert Irwin brings some seriously cute animals on set but Jimmy Fallon isn’t into it

Invite anyone from the Irwin family over, and you just know you’re going to get some animal action.  Jimmy Fallon had Animal Planet host Robert Irwin, son of late Steve Irwin, on The Tonight Show, and he brought a lot of furry cuteness on set with him. Fallon didn’t seem that into the cute baby...CONTINUE READING

Your favourite same-sex penguin couple welcome their fluffy baby

Just two weeks after penguin couple Sphen and Magic, collectively known as Sphengic, stole our hearts forever, the pair have welcomed their own little baby chick. As we lovingly informed you, the two male gentoo penguins became inseparable in the Macquarie Island exhibit at Australia’s Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. They built their own pebble nest...CONTINUE READING

The world’s pretty messed up, so here’s a bunch of tiny-weeny cheetahs

If you’ve yet to fill your quota of daily spluttering over baby animals, this should tip you right over the edge. A group of six newborn cheetah cubs have been unveiled to the public, having arrived at Taronga  Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, Australia. SEE ALSO: These lynx screaming at each other will strike a...CONTINUE READING

How can you feed ten baby kangaroos at once? Here’s an idea.

How many kangaroo joeys can you personally feed at once? Volunteers at a wildlife rescue shelter in Victoria, Australia, have built a contraption that serves dinner for ten baby roos at once. In a video uploaded to Facebook on Monday, Our Haven Wildlife Shelter co-founder Tony Matthews is seen with his own invention in action,...CONTINUE READING

Baby tree kangaroo takes first steps, decides pouch is better than world

If you can get through this video of a baby tree kangaroo taking its first steps without losing your shit, you’re stone cold. Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has released an outlandishly adorable video of its new marsupial resident, a little Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey who took his first steps on Wednesday. SEE ALSO: This baby Black...CONTINUE READING
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