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How I discovered the most productive battery pack after years of charging frustration

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. ABC has stood for a lot of things. In the 1970s, it was synonymous with 1-2-3. After the callous 1980s, thanks to Glengarry Glen Ross, it stood for “Always Be Closing.” Now, in the 2010s, we absolutely need to amend...CONTINUE READING

Lime pulls faulty e-scooters after reports of battery fires

E-scooter company Lime is cautioning riders and contract workers about malfunctioning batteries and other issues with some of its scooters. Lime uses Segway Ninebot scooters in many of its cities, but after an August report about battery issues in “several” units, faulty scooters are being pulled from the fleet. What Lime calls a manufacturing defect...CONTINUE READING

Save $10 on an emergency charger that will never run out of battery

The Boy Scouts weren’t joking around when they said, “Always be prepared.” The truth is, danger — be it theft, violence, getting lost in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception, or the zombie apocalypse (hey, it could happen) — can happen at a moment’s notice. That’s precisely why you should always keep a...CONTINUE READING

Apple is giving a $50 credit if you paid for a new iPhone battery in 2017

Back in December Apple announced the iPhone battery replacement program amid the “slow down” controversy. It brought the price for repair down from $79 to $29, but the company didn’t provide much help to customers who had already paid for a replacement. That changes today. Apple is now offering a credit for some replacements made...CONTINUE READING

BMW wants to make EV batteries way better within 5 years

BMW is betting on a better battery. On Tuesday, the company announced it’s teaming up with Bay Area-based Sila Nanotechnologies (known as Sila Nano), and promised electric vehicle (EV) battery improvements within five years. SEE ALSO: Your iPhone may be driving Apple to desperate measures in a race that’s bad for the planet Sila Nano...CONTINUE READING
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