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Blizzard of 2017: What does bombogenesis mean?

There are lots of terms meteorologists use to describe storm systems, some of them more colorful than others. Perhaps the most-used and exotic-sounding one that is floating around in reference to the blizzard just beginning to bear down on the East Coast is “bombogenesis.”  While it sounds like a band name or a game console,...CONTINUE READING

We're doomed (for a day): Paralyzing blizzard set to slam Philly, New York and Boston

So much for February’s spring-like temperatures.  A potent blizzard is gathering strength in the Midwest and Southeast, destined to combine into one major storm that will roar across the highly populated Washington to Boston corridor on Monday through early Wednesday.  The storm, unofficially named “Stella” by The Weather Channel, may dump a foot or more...CONTINUE READING

Here's how winter storms like Stella get their (unofficial) names

Talking about the weather might be a dull move at dinner parties or over cocktails. But online, it seems there’s no more captivating topic than the snow, sleet, rain or ice falling outside our windows. The Weather Channel has capitalized on this interest by giving unofficial names to winter storms, in turn spawning hashtags and...CONTINUE READING
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