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‘Blockers’ is the girl-friendly, sex-positive raunchfest we didn’t know we needed

It’d be incorrect to say there’s never been a movie like Blockers before. It’s a teen sex comedy in the vein of American Pie or Superbad, with a similar focus on teens trying to get laid on prom night.  But it’s certainly true that the specifics of Blockers make it a rarity. For starters, the...CONTINUE READING

Allow John Cena to explain that butt-chugging scene in ‘Blockers’

In the movie Blockers, John Cena plays an over-protective father whose daughter is heading off to prom with a boy who has a top bun — so he does everything he can, including butt-chugging a 40, to stop her from making any potential “mistakes.” Ahead of the release of Blockers on April 6, Mashable spoke...CONTINUE READING

‘Blockers’ isn’t the sex-panic movie you think it is. It’s way better.

The central premise of Blockers sounds old-fashioned, even retrograde: Three parents learn that their teenage daughters are planning to lose their virginities on prom night, and set out on a madcap adventure to stop them by any means necessary. What Blockers actually turns out to be, however, is a thoughtful and generous exploration of what...CONTINUE READING
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