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It’s not just Waymo: Mercedes says it’s launching a self-driving car service

Self-driving car companies have been testing their vehicles for years, but now regular riders are starting to catch rides in the robot cars.  Instead of merely watching a vehicle loaded with cameras, sensors, and other equipment drive by, some lucky folks (and not just company employees) are now able to experience the autonomy in person....CONTINUE READING

The best UK deals for Tuesday: Desire Deluxe slippers, Amazon devices, Crock-Pot slow cookers, and more

The first emoji was created in 1999 in Japan, and since then their popularity has steadily increased to the point where they’re now indispensable.  Why send a wordy response when you could send that face with the tears of joy? You know the one, that was named Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary...CONTINUE READING

The best UK deals for Monday: PetSafe accessories, Bosch dishwashers, Sonos speakers, and more

Pets are a gift that we don’t deserve. It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been, they have the ability to turn it all around with a little affection. Stepping through the door and meeting your pet, that loves you more than anything, is a great feeling. In return, we owe it to them...CONTINUE READING

Volkswagen forms alliance to deal with flood of data from self-driving cars

Self-driving cars eventually won’t need a human operator — but what the vehicles will need is a network powerful enough to handle the massive amount of data generated by their autonomous tech. In order to ensure that network is as powerful as it needs to be, the Volkswagen Group of America — joined by four...CONTINUE READING
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