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Christine Blasey Ford will donate remaining GoFundMe money to help trauma survivors

Christine Blasey Ford and her family have received death threats and moved four times since Ford testified that Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Court justice, sexually assaulted her in high school. Ford also received support from celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Alyssa Milano, and activists like #MeToo founder Tarana Burke, as well as countless Americans. ...CONTINUE READING

Someone bought BrettKavanaugh.com, which links to sexual assault survivor resources

Brett Kavanaugh didn’t buy a domain with his name in it. So now, if you go to BrettKavanaugh.com, .org or .net, you won’t find an official site for the contentious Supreme Court Justice, sworn in on Monday after an FBI investigation into multiple accusations of sexual assault.  Instead, you’ll find a website that links to...CONTINUE READING

Trump declares Kavanaugh ‘proven innocent’, internet calls him out

Donald Trump has apologized to his new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family for “the terrible pain and suffering” they “endured” during the process of his confirmation.  At the official swearing-in event at the White House on Monday, Trump said Kavanaugh had been a victim of “a campaign of political and personal destruction...CONTINUE READING

Republican senators celebrate their Brett Kavanaugh win in the ‘SNL’ cold open

With his bugged out eyes, elongated face, and overall turtle vibe, Beck Bennett is a brilliant Mitch McConnell. Hopefully he’ll have many more opportunities to play the Senate majority leader as the G.O.P faces blowback after voting on Saturday to confirm a historically unpopular — and alleged sexual assaulter, let’s not forget — the the...CONTINUE READING

Twitter users named Brett Kavanagh, Susan Collins, and more are really struggling right now

Existing on Twitter when you’re not named after a controversial political figure is hard enough, but users named Brett Kavanagh, Susan Collins, and more have learned it’s a whole other level of hellscape when your name’s in the news. As the world awaits the possible confirmation of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh,...CONTINUE READING

Crowdfunding campaign against Susan Collins surges after senator says she’ll confirm Kavanaugh

Susan Collins, a Republican senator from Maine, announced Friday in a long-winded, tone-deaf speech that she’d vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The decision may be the biggest mistake of her political career.  Before she announced her support, a crowdfunding campaign to unseat Collins in 2020 should she vote for Kavanaugh had...CONTINUE READING

People are channeling their rage at Susan Collins through Twitter

It’s been an exhausting day/week/year for America.  Senator Susan Collins faced serious backlash on Friday when she announced her intention to confirm Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, despite allegations of sexual assault from multiple women.  SEE ALSO: Women’s March plans #CancelKavanaugh protest to sway senators before confirmation vote “My fervent hope is that Brett Kavanaugh...CONTINUE READING

Brett Kavanaugh’s use of the word ’emotional’ exposes a gross double standard

Emotional. This is the word Brett Kavanaugh employed in an op-ed to describe his behaviour during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  In an op-ed entitled “I Am an Independent, Impartial Judge” published in the Wall Street Journal, Kavanaugh characterised his conduct in the hearing as “emotional,” perhaps, “too emotional at times.” He prefaced...CONTINUE READING

Facebook employees revolt after executive appears at Kavanaugh hearing

Facebook is once again facing uncomfortable questions from employees about the actions of one of its executives. This time it’s Joel Kaplan, the company’s VP of global public policy, who last week attended Brett Kavanaugh‘s Senate hearing. Kaplan’s appearance, which raised some eyebrows at the time, resulted in a backlash from many Facebook employees, according...CONTINUE READING

Powerful ‘Time’ cover uses testimony quotes to create striking image of Christine Blasey Ford

The lasting impact of Christine Blasey Ford is being celebrated and preserved in history with a powerful and poignant Time cover. For Time’s Oct. 15 issue, the magazine’s cover features direct quotes from Ford’s testimony, arranged to create the image of the memorable stance Ford held while taking her oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee...CONTINUE READING
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