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Bryan Cranston and Lana Condor return to university in ‘To The entire Boys’ impressed tune

We all have secret selves, but you’ve just gotta let ’em shine. We’ve all got actual secrets too, but maybe some of those can stay well and truly buried.  That’s what we’ve learned from a weird song performed by Jimmy Fallon alongside Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star...CONTINUE READING

Here is why Bryan Cranston thinks you will have to be allowed to be indignant

Bryan Cranston thinks it’s time we all were allowed to be mad as hell – even in public.  The Breaking Bad star, currently starring as a very angry man in the play Network on Broadway, thinks that we could all benefit from allowing ourselves to get angry.  Talking to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show,...CONTINUE READING

‘Better Call Saul’ will hit ‘Breaking Bad’-era scenes in upcoming season

It has been five grueling years since we last visited Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, but… that could be about to change. AMC’s Better Call Saul is finally allowing its time jump structure to take us right into the meat of Breaking Bad. SEE ALSO: Summer entertainment we (still) can’t wait for A recent Entertainment...CONTINUE READING

Bryan Cranston’s favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ line is surprising

Breaking Bad is full of so many great quotes, it’s hard to choose which one sticks out as an absolute favorite. The series star, Bryan Cranston, has a pretty clear cut answer though, as Entertainment Weekly reported Tuesday. His favorite line, said by his character Walter White, was a thinly veiled threat to his brother-in-law...CONTINUE READING

The Rock literally takes a giant portable gym with him wherever he goes

Ever wondered how The Rock manages to stay so shirt-rippingly huge the whole time? Well, Bryan Cranston has. And in The Late Late Show clip above, he manages to get to the bottom of it. SEE ALSO: ‘The Rock’ discusses the possibility of running for President in 2020 “I figured the easiest thing for me...CONTINUE READING

Bryan Cranston showers nude to fight AIDS, rides off on glorious red Vespa

People trying to sell you stuff can be sort of annoying, but when it’s a semi-nude Bryan Cranston standing dripping wet in a shower it instantly becomes okay. Cranston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s cameo-filled third annual (RED) shopathon, in which he and Kristen Bell attempted to pitch products from Bono’s (RED) store to help raise...CONTINUE READING

Nicole Kidman talks about her kiss with Alexander Skarsgård, gets hilariously awkward

In fairness, who wouldn’t get a bit flustered when talking about Alexander Skarsgård?  As Nicole Kidman puts it in the clip above, the guy is a “mannequin”. SEE ALSO: Nicole Kidman’s powerful Emmy speech sheds light on domestic violence OK, so it’s also worth noting that the only reason she gets slightly ruffled is because...CONTINUE READING

Amazon is coming for ‘Black Mirror’ with ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ and our bodies are ready

Black Mirror may have revitalized the anthology format on TV, but Netflix‘s hit sci-fi series wouldn’t exist without the anxiety-inducing work of Philip K. Dick, whose dystopian yarns have inspired generations of genre writers and seem to take on new relevance with each passing day. So it’s kind of a no-brainer that Amazon would turn...CONTINUE READING
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