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Need to get started your personal industry? Those marketers will educate you the way for not up to $20.

The term entrepreneur tends to evoke images of a tech bro who spends way too much time on LinkedIn, where he brags about being “CEO at Self-Employed” and writes quasi-philosophical posts about the #hustle. (See the Twitter account @StateofLinkedIn for real-life examples, if you dare.)  That stereotype applies to a handful of self-starters, to be...CONTINUE READING

How millennials can give a contribution to their monetary futures whilst supporting their values

Millennials have made headlines for everything from their tendency to job-hop to their fondness for avocados. There’s a reason the media has a laser-focus on millennial habits: In the not-too-distant future, the spending power of this avocado-loving generation has significant implications for governments, NGOs, and businesses the world over. Financial experts are keeping a close...CONTINUE READING

A girl’s inside circle is how she will get forward, learn about says

The female-only networks that women use to share job openings, pass on interview tips, or even just complain about that time their boss interrupted them in a meeting are integral to their success. That’s what new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern...CONTINUE READING

Fyre Pageant’s CMO Grant Margolin seems to be operating once more … as a trade tutor

Grant Margolin, the chief marketing officer of the colossal disaster that was Fyre Festival, seemed to drop off the face of the Earth after the event.  The festival’s founder and CEO, Billy McFarland, is serving six years in prison for defrauding over 100 investors out of $27.4 million. But Margolin, who is portrayed in both...CONTINUE READING

How GoPro rebooted itself: CEO Nick Woodman talks technique — MashTalk

For GoPro, things are looking up. After a tumultuous couple of years — which saw the action-camera company enter and then leave the drone business, get squeezed harder by increasingly competitive smartphone cameras, and ride a steady wave of criticism of its product line — GoPro appears to have found its footing with the well-received Hero...CONTINUE READING

6 equipment to assist develop your website online’s visitors, all recently on sale

Not to be dramatic or anything, but with 57% of this year’s holiday spending expected to be done online, your business (literally) can’t afford to have a “meh” web presence right now. Take full advantage of this year’s holiday shopping season by growing your site’s traffic with the help of these online tools and services,...CONTINUE READING

The Chinese digital economy can’t be slowed down. Here’s a look at how and why.

Anyone who regularly reads business news will recognize the Chinese companies consistently making headlines: Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, and Xiaomi. These companies have established a major role in the global economy. Today, they dominate everything from e-commerce to the Chinese entertainment industry. One of the reasons these organizations have become digital titans of industry is China’s...CONTINUE READING
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