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How not to suck at being a supervisor in step with your fave fictional bosses

   Feel like you might be ready to lead? Maybe you’re thinking about starting an MBA but need some inspiration before you make your move? Look no further than your screen. Yep, as usual, pop culture is here to save the day.  These fearless film and television characters are guaranteed to inspire your inner leadership...CONTINUE READING

On sale: An entire life subscription to 1000’s of PowerPoint templates

Slapping together jazzy presentations that serve no real purpose was a hobby we used to partake in back when all we had were Windows 98 computers. Customizing cheesy WordArt or carefully curating ClipArt brought about genuine entertainment, not so different from building our dream lives in Sims or bulldozing our siblings in Mortal Kombat. But...CONTINUE READING

ViewSonic screens are nice for each gaming and trade — and are 20% off on Amazon

A new monitor can change everything.  It can take gaming from a hobby to a lifestyle, change the entire aesthetic of an office, and hell, can get you through the dragging hours of work when you know the rest of your group is at happy hour.  The best part? Getting a new one doesn’t have...CONTINUE READING

Get 12-minute summaries of vital industry books with this app that is on sale

When’s the last time you read a book — a whole book? Maybe it was on a recent vacation, when you zipped through a trashy beach read you’d picked up from the airport. Maybe it was in college, but only because you’d fail a class if you didn’t. Or perhaps it was even longer ago...CONTINUE READING

Doing your individual taxes? Listed below are the most productive tax instrument choices for freelancers.

Freelancing isn’t all sweatpants and snooze buttons.  Well, sometimes it is. But most of the time, it’s cabin fever, caffeine withdrawal, fickle cash flows, and fierce competition for clients.  When you boil it down, being your own boss is really hard work — and no time is that more apparent than during tax season.  Compared...CONTINUE READING

Hello, small trade house owners: Those tax instrument systems make submitting (virtually) painless

As a small business owner (SBO), you can handle the occasional hiccup or headache like it ain’t no thang. It’s basically part of your job description. In fact, the thrill of it all is probably part of the reason why you decided to pursue entrepreneurship in the first place. You relish the challenge of doing...CONTINUE READING

Use bank card rewards to assist your love lifestyles — this is how one can do it

Match and eharmony may have changed how 21st century couples meet, but a healthy love life still depends on spending time together. The thing is though, these dates often cost money. And when you’re on a budget, or simply looking to up your date night game, the right credit card can give you a much-needed...CONTINUE READING

Ted Baker founder and CEO resigns following allegations of ‘pressured hugging’

Founder and CEO of UK designer chain Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin, has resigned following allegations that he forced female employees to embrace him and asked them to sit on his lap.  Kelvin, who denies these allegations, has been on a voluntary leave of absence since December, when the allegations were first made public. But now,...CONTINUE READING
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