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5 powerful ways social media has forever altered the way we do business

While the original social networking sites were initially designed for connecting people, they’ve ultimately turned into transformational business tools and resources that allow brands to connect with customers in unique ways.  Understanding the influential effect of social media can help entrepreneurs better prepare for the future.  The infancy of social media  Social media is such...CONTINUE READING

How to watch NFL Thursday night games on Twitter

Twitter is coming to television. The microblogging site’s transformation into a live video network is taking another step forward on Monday with the announcement of Twitter apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The apps will host live streaming video as well as tweets, Vines and Periscopes. Interestingly for the network...CONTINUE READING

<div>Want to invest your retirement funds in tech? There's an app for that.</div>

You better hope the iPhone 7 sells well — your future retirement savings could depend on it. Spaceship, which bills itself as the “super fund for millennials,” is creating a new style of superannuation fund that will invest predominantly in technology. A super fund is a mandatory way Australians save for old age, somewhat similar...CONTINUE READING
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<div>'League of Legends' is popular, but not profitable as an esport</div>

As one of the most-watched esports in the world, League of Legends still isn’t making a profit off its professional competitive scene. Although developer Riot Games has been pouring money into the esports side of League for years, it still isn’t profitable according to Riot’s creators Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, who confirmed the fact...CONTINUE READING

<div>There's still money in new media — if you've got the right résumé</div>

Josh Topolsky cofounded The Verge and helped launch what is now known as Vox Media, which has grown into one of the most successful digital media companies around.  That’s the kind of résumé that opened doors when Topolsky went looking for investors for his new venture. He’s just one of a group of entrepreneurs that...CONTINUE READING

These companies are using NFC technology to identify diamonds

Near field communication, or NFC, is best known for enabling mobile payments. Two companies are now trying to apply the technology to something more glamorous: The diamond industry.  Thinfilm, which prints NFC tags, and Sarine Technologies, which develops technologies for diamonds and gemstones, are partnering to bring NFC to the precious stones.  Thinfilm will print...CONTINUE READING
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