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Bill Skarsgård looks like hot Satan on ‘Castle Rock’

When Bill Skarsgård was cast in Hulu’s Castle Rock, the joke was that he was going to play evil again. It was an obvious connection, considering that Castle Rock is a Stephen King adaptation like 2017’s It, where Skarsgård played Pennywise/It, a child-munching entity in the shape of a dancing clown.  “At least in this...CONTINUE READING

Four episodes in, ‘Castle Rock’ feels like a real deal Stephen King creepshow

Imagine trying to fully process a version of The Shining that cuts off right after Wendy Torrance discovers her husband’s “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” writings. That’s what it’s like trying to talk about Castle Rock right now. I’m four episodes in on the Stephen King collaboration with J.J. Abrams...CONTINUE READING

Hulu’s Stephen King series ‘Castle Rock’ gets a spooky new trailer and premiere date

It definitely bodes well for a spooky, new web series when the unmistakable voice of Lost’s Terry O’Quinn (John Locke, people!) is there to calmly tell you what’s coming. Castle Rock is hard to pin down, and this trailer doesn’t clear up any questions. It’s a Bad Robot production — that’s J.J. Abrams’ company —...CONTINUE READING
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